Traffic and the top!

web-trafficAs you are probably aware the traffic in the last few years has slowly decreased on myfreecams. This fact has been confirmed to me by both top and not so top models, so everyone is feeling the effect.
I can understand MFC may not be able to control all aspects of this decrease however there are some things that they can do better in order to retain more new quality traffic.
I have seen very little promotion given to the top consistent girls, that have proven a track record that they are able to, in fact, generate tokens and convert new paying members to the site
I am not saying MFC should promote only the top girls, nor am I saying the rest don’t matter. I have seen many girls with talent that don’t make it in the business. People don’t tip them for some reason or another. It’s a combination of many things. However if you as a viewer, like these girls and want to see them succeed the best way is to just tip them more.
I  also often try to help new people by giving free advice on my blog. I am happy to see new models succeed on MFC, especially the ones that show a high amount of dedication and passion. However this post is not about discussing why some girls don’t make it or we would be here for ages.
I posted a list of the top 8 most consistent girls from Jan 2017- April 2018. If you look at the list there are many more down the list that have shown remarkable results so the list goes beyond 8 people. You can go and look at the Miss MFC finishes yourself. I picked 8 to illustrate a point.
The lack of promotion for the top performers is contributing to the following factors:
1. It is slowly decreasing their passion and incentive to do better on the site due to lack of not recognizing their contribution, especially during a hard time when we are all suffering from lowered traffic. A business without passion and incentive is destined to die. 
2. It is not optimizing the best overall profit for the site. By promoting models that are not likely to be online very often and that may not always give the best level of entertainment and completely leaving the top ones out, new people that stumble upon the site may think it’s not worth checking out any further.
I am not saying whoever MFC promotes right now is a bad model, however by leaving their top ones out they are hurting both traffic and profitability for ALL MODELS!
All those girls in that list have an “IT” factor (remember I only included the top 8, but the list is longer). They all are different but they share one thing in common: “people want to tip them”. In a site that relies solely on revenue generated by tips, aren’t these the people that MFC should be pushing forward and not forget them when it comes to their outside of site promotion. (social media, publications, any media)
The more people have a general first good impression of the site, more people will decide to stay longer and check out different girls. Sometimes this includes girls that are not always at the top. But by not promoting the girls at the top, the good first impressions are hard to make and this is why.
CASE 1: So let’s see a new guy goes into a  top room from an ad on the internet. Full of people talking tipping. He thinks, well maybe that ad I saw on Pornhub wasn’t just bots. These are real people. This is fun! I may check this back sometimes when I have more time. He comes back. This scenario repeats itself and one guy becomes two guys, then 50 then 100 then a million new guys. (wouldn’t that be nice!) . Some of these guys after a while realize they are bored with the top rooms and they look below. This creates opportunity for new girls to make it to the top.
RESULT= good first impression + more repeat traffic + ALL models profit. 
CASE 2: Guy gets an ad on Pornhub or anywhere on the internet of a room that is not at the top. I will ask you to go and look on MFC and compare the level of interaction in the two rooms. It makes a difference! Now the general lack of traffic that is now a problem which we are all having gives the lower model less tools to create a fun atmosphere. Sure some models are boring as hell and the have slim chances of making it, especially if they don’t change their ways, and put their phones away.
However there is still talent at the bottom and the lack of traffic is likely to kill them first. The girl is upset, she tried so hard to put a good show, no one tipped (less traffic= less tippers). The new guy looks at her all upset and annoyed (do you blame her? ), he thinks; “well this looks boring, this girl looks miserable, I am not coming back here”
RESULT= bad first impression +less repeat traffic + LESS profit for ALL models

Ever heard of the saying: A rising tide lifts all boats“. Don’t be upset when the top models are doing well. This is a good indicator that there is traffic on the site. There are tippers on the site and YOU can get some of those tippers and traffic, maybe they can become the next big model as well.

The problem is when the top models are not doing so well. That will reduce the number of good first impressions of new people to the site and WE WILL ALL SUFFER! The lower models much more than the top ones. And the new talent much more than the existing one. 
If this continues for too long the site will just stop existing because it will stop being profitable. 

The ten commandments of camming

1. Thou shalt work a max of 20h a month

The secret to a successful camgirl is to cam as little as possible in order to not miss out on all the beautiful things that happen in your non camming life. Out of 720 h a month you have a full 700 h to get high, go shopping, troll on twitter, order unhealthy but really tasty take out food and masturbate. Humans that work more than 20h a month may suffer from deep psychological problems such as having a schedule and gaining enough money to secure their future. As nice as it may sound this reduces the amount of adrenaline you get from every late bill that you can’t pay. The lifestyle of living paycheck to paycheck is regarded in high demand in today’s society so working more than you need to will be detrimental. Make sure you get enough credit to get a nice comfy couch.

2. Thou shalt buy the biggest most expensive phone

Ever wonder why some camgirls are more successful than others. It’s because they use tools to grow their business. Buying the biggest phone your credit can afford will give you enough entertainment and help you not have to put up with all those idiots on the internet that expect you to entertain them for free. After all you are god’s gift to men and they should just throw you money because no other woman has a golden pussy and tits like yours, so please download all the games you can on your phone and keep talking to your boyfriend during broadcast hours to aid with the boredom that now dominates your room. After all it’s the members fault that no one is talking, so fuck em!

3. Thou shalt ban anyone that doesn’t give you all their money.

Fuck those guys that contribute to your chat and don’t tip. Or worse sit in your room and say nothing. You cannot possibly tolerate members having fun or worse having your room gain more exposure by ranking you in the top 10 rooms. Make sure you check everyone’s tokens and if they don’t tip them to you ban them immediately. If they chat and don’t tip ban them also and the worse kind, if they don’t chat nor do they tip ban them forever. After all who wants to have that extra boost of traffic to get even more freeloaders right. You want your room to have as little people as possible.

4. Thou shalt sell everything for cheap

You know the real reason why you are not gaining success? It could be because charging 1000 tokens for your double penetration videos. No one want’s to pay for porn anymore so please charge less. A good amount would be 1-2 tokens per video. That equals out to be about 5 cents, however now that you have 10 people in your room after banning all the “freeloaders” you can be guaranteed that 100% of your room will buy those videos. What other business can say they sell to 100% of their potential clients. You are a fucking mogul girl. Keep that work up!

To add more free time to your life (look up 1st commandment) please invest as little as possible in the making of your videos. The ideal situation is to ask one of your annoying regulars to record your show and then sell it. After all he would do anything for you right?

5. Thou shall spend everything on the BEST because you deserve the BEST

You know people say that with camming you can live anywhere in the world in order to be able to lower your cost of living. Fuck those people. Who want’s to live in the suburbs or in countries where they don’t speak New Yorken, Torontonian, or Londoneeze. You don’t want to be seen living in the shitty parts of this places either. Please rent the most expensive place you can right in the heart of town. After all being in the center of the most expensive and booming economies should help you with your camming career. Guys can tell when a girl is sophisticated enough from where they live. So go for the best location. Make sure to furnish your apartment with the best rented furniture in town as well.

Aside from picking the most expensive location, one must spend all their money on hand bags, brand name clothes, $2000 or more bras because no one would tip you if they found out your bra was from Target. Guys can tell which women have real class by what they wear, not how they act in our industry. After all we are all sex workers and as long as the men are fapping to our perfectly dressed bodies they will also empty their wallets.

Also make sure to get the most expensive leased sports car with the worst possible mileage you can afford and drive around town or even better post pictures of you in it on your social media so everyone knows how fucking successful you are.

6. Thou shall not worry about savings and retirement until you are 55

Camming is empowering as hell because we can get people to pay our bills. As the goddess that you are, you don’t have to worry about the scarcity of men out there because guys are desperate. That means you can spend all you make and money is going to keep rolling in every month. You have proven records of this from the three months of camming that you have done since you started. The process of setting up a bank account and researching about financial planning is likely to give you a headache. Part of camming being empowering is that you don’t have to worry about shit. And you know what else, some of us will look sexy forever and cam until 60 years old.

7. Thou shall hate on all the people that make more money than you.

There is no fucking way someone that is less attractive, more fat and less charming than you can make more than you especially when they don’t even take off their clothes. If they do they are using very shady ways to make their tokens and most likely they are lying to one big tipper or having sex with them. They just happened to get lucky getting that tipper and you can’t wait to see them fail. The fact that they are one of those damaged people that work more than 20h a month makes you giggle a little bit inside. Think about all the best parties they missed while you were able to enjoy the best recreational drugs and top shelf liquor surrounded by young attractive guys. They had to sit on a webcam room full of losers for hours. The best way to help you get new tippers is to spread new rumors about these girls so they can’t work anymore, because once they are gone all their guys will come running to you. After all they deserve it, so don’t feel bad about it.

8. Thou shall invest most of your time into getting social media followers. Followers= money and success

The real successful girls in this industry are seen and admired by many. Make sure you can get as many eyes on you by tweeting free nude pictures or even better pictures of you taking your boyfriend’s dick. The fact that they are “freeloaders” doesn’t bother you as much because look at all the likes making you famous. I mean who doesn’t want to become internet famous right? On top of that make sure they never see you on cam, because they may start to be suspicious of the photoshop you used to tweak your photos. You want them to think you are PERFECT, after all you are as close to perfect as it can be.

9.  Thou shall make your members feel guilty when they don’t tip you after you have complained you couldn’t pay your rent or go on that vacation you always wanted.

Guys are good for one thing: giving you money when you need it. If you are falling behind on your rent, it can’t be possibly your fault because men are brought in this planet to provide for women. Make sure to really tell them how awful they are when they miss those payments to you. Also make sure to remind them when pay period is, so all you have to do is show up twice a month on the 15th and the 30th and push those tokens. You need that money quick and they must give it to you.

Also in order for you to provide top level entertainment it’s necessary to go to 5 star resorts to relax from all those hours of local partying you are doing. You need a new scene to shine as a bar star so make those idiots pay for it, and if they don’t, emotionally black mail them.

10. You shall get started in porn because camming is for amateurs

You need to do as many scenes as you can, especially when you are 18 and just getting started. Once they look at your fucking skills and that pretty body everyone wants to help you sign contracts to sell sex toys, create your own page, and get invited to the best AVN parties. The money will flow too. I mean you may have to have sex with a few guys that you find absolutely disgusting, and put up with the pain your asshole being ripped apart from the size of their genitals, but it will be all worth it at the end. I mean look at Jenna Jameson; she’s worth millions. You may make $700 a month shooting a scene now, but once they see you, you are on your way to become the next millionaire. Fuck the rumors that say Jenna is actually bankrupt and had to have a roommate to afford her rent. Those are just porn haters.




Physics was my worst subject in school so I am not here to talk about force, area and Pascals but to talk about the kind of pressure that affects even the best of us if we don’t know how to handle stress.

One of the greatest skills of successful camgirls is maintaining your cool even when things don’t go your way.  It’s a business that you cannot let little or big things outside of your work affect you emotionally. You are expected to entertain and make others happy. When you are not happy you have to learn to not show it because to a viewer you are their escape and if they want to look at someone miserable most of the time they would look at their boss or someone else in their office (or their mother in law). However sometimes keeping it all together gets hard and that’s where I failed tonight. I want to clarify that what I felt tonight was not anger or disappointment in anyone but just a feeling of being lost. I really appreciate every one of you and I was touched when people still kept the room going be it with tipping, conversation and funny emotes even when I was zoning out.



Maybe the wheel of fortune was kind to me on the goof level, but wasn’t so kind on the genetics and health part, although it could have been worse; but at least I am not dealing with hairy palms right?

Jokes aside although I was not as shocked or scared as the first time, going through a second surgery took a toll on me and my ability to handle stress well. For those of you that will start talking shit about me bringing my health up again to make tokens, I am not asking anyone to pay my bills, nor have I ever made my health the point of my shows. But people will still talk shit no matter what so let them.

There is a societal expectation that the Holidays are supposed to be this amazing time where you are surrounded by your family that loves you and there’s donkeys sparkling fireworks out of their ass… Wait what?  Oh and if you happen to have no family people will pity the fuck out of you and tell you how sorry they are for you.

Well… I am here alone in my bed and there are no donkeys with sparkling fireworks. I also did something really stupid and felt sorry for myself at times during the holidays because I am not one of the lucky ones that has family which got the best of me; combined with the frustration that I am still not healed completely from my last surgery I felt powerless.

I am sitting here in my bedroom on Christmas staring at my computer screen and thinking maybe what I did wasn’t stupid. Maybe it’s ok to let your emotions out sometimes and that’s why cracking under pressure is healthy because it reminds us that we need to address something in our lives that is putting a stress on our mental and physical well being.  Sometimes balling your eyes out and just crying for the heck of it is ok. You need to break down and be torn apart, you need to learn how to pick yourself up and put yourself back together. Sometimes the only way to be happy is to give into sadness first. Perhaps our eyes need to be washed with sadness first so that we can see life with a clearer view ahead. And right now I feel better. I reminded myself that I can make the Holidays into whatever I wish and they don’t have to necessarily be about what others expect them to be. Fuck it, being a camgirl I can even pick a different time to celebrate the holidays. Guys we are celebrating Christmas in July now :D. Just kidding. The sadness was a reminder that maybe I am not so powerful after all. How many can say they have made thousands of people smile and you guys remind me of that with every tip (big or small), every great or silly joke and every random or crazy emote . I am grateful to have you Kickland!

6 Myths about webcamming

1. Webcamming is easy money

If there was such thing as easy money we would all be rich overnight. If you are one of those girls that thinks… “oh I am attractive, I can go turn my cam on and the money will just roll… because I’m HOT everyone wants to see me naked”. Being “hot” has very little to do with the money you make on camming, especially on myfreecams. I have seen extremely attractive women on the site that were not able to get a single tip in hours. Also you realize the site is full of “hot naked women” so just turning your camera on will most likely not make you the “easy money” everyone talks about.

It’s like saying I will shoot a video and upload it on youtube and then be famous overnight. I am using this analogy because most people are familiar with youtube. We all know there is so much more to it than that. I realize youtube is so much more saturated than webcamming, however the top  performers on both sides are the ones that put in EFFORT, are CONSISTENT and they keep their content INTERESTING and DIFFERENT and ENGAGE with their audience. Also even if you do all those you may not make it.  However because the camming industry is not as saturated yet, chances are if you do all those every day, every week, every month and for years you will see some results.

Fact: My first day of camming I made a total of $4.00.

2. Being a camgirl is the first step into making it big into porn because porn is where the real money is.

Porn revenue has been in the decline and the perception that porn stars make the big bucks is probably even more flawed than the first myth about camming being easy money. How many people do you know that pay for porn anymore? I personally don’t know that many.  The internet (Piracy, tube sites and yes camming) has taken away the prestige porn used to have decades ago where buying DVD’s and magazines were the only way to access it.

The below figures were given by Steven Hirsch, owner of Vivid, one of the biggest adult entertainment studios.  (source

Talent Salary
Female performer, man/woman scene $300-$1,500
Female performer, all-woman scene $700-$1,200
Male Performer $500-$1,500
Director $1,000-$3,000
Cameraperson $500-$700
Sound Technician $300-$400
Production Assistant $100-$250
Writers $250-$400
Still photographers $500
Makeup artists $500

You have to keep in mind that you don’t have the option to shoot scenes everyday so your total income is limited also porn is an industry that regularly chews up and spits out performers. Many quit after just one scene or after a few months. Some stick around for a few years, but then disappear. In my opinion the cons of porn are a lot harder to deal with than webcamming.

  • Less privacy  (your face and body parts are everywhere on the internet to see), chances of being recognized are much bigger. We all know how people love to harass women that are open enough with their sexuality to film it on camera.
  • Bigger exposure to STDS (yes porn stars need to get checked regularly but there is no 100% guarantee that you will not catch something). If you cam solo chances of catching something from just camming are ZERO!
  • More physically demanding (I have never done porn but I assume it must be exhausting to perform for hours holding certain positions and still make them look good on camera). In webcamming you can still make money without even showing your genitals of taking your clothes off. It’s not superior from a moralistic stand point, but physically you have the freedom to and that ROCKS!
  • You have to travel (most porn is shot on location so prepare to book flights and hotels which costs extra money and not to mention the stress of travel and time wasted). Your commute to your webcam station is as short as 2 steps or maybe if you have a dedicated room, a few feet away. Also it costs nothing!
  • Less money in porn (if those numbers above seem like a lot to you the top 100 camgirls make over $15,000 a month. You are not limited how many scenes you can shoot and the sky is the limit if you dedicate hours for months in a row on cam backed up with strategic planning. Top 500 camgirls make $6000 or more a month. That is roughly $72,000 a year. Next time a top 500 camgirl complains she can’t pay her bills keep in mind she’s making the same as a skilled engineer (without the student loans). If top 500 seems like a very hard goal for you keep in mind that the average girl works around 30h/month. Yes in a MONTH! If you can manage to do a min of 80-100h a month, have a good camera, stable internet and don’t look at your phone showing your best resting bitch face to your viewers you can do top 500 or better. Most girls are foreign as well and their English is limited which means that if you are an excellent conversationalist you will find it easier, but you need to put in the hours. The trick here is that not all girls want to work that many hours, because you are not only going on but you are also expected to entertain your room in order to get tips and that’s the hard part. But because most won’t do 80-100 h EVERY MONTH, if you are willing to try you will most likely will reach some success. The very top camgirls make A LOT more. There was some MFC information leak a few years ago and the TOP one in a calendar year reached a bit over $900,000 and NO it was not me haha. The model does not cam anymore. I have never seen any camgirls make over that so the articles about this camgirl makes a million a year are bullshit)

3. If you want to be a top camgirl you have to go to Adult Porn Conventions and get your name out there

My question is why? Aside from the cost of travel and time to get there, conventions have very little traffic in comparison to what traffic you get on MFC just going on regularly. It may also not be the right kind of traffic in conventions because not all are interested in cam sites and not everyone will notice you.

So let’s talk numbers. In a well organized convention, they may be getting 10,000 people to buy tickets (highly overestimating) for an entire weekend. This is the total people that buy tickets for that event. You being a camgirl sitting at a booth are not likely to get noticed much.

Now let’s compare with MFC. Below are the stats for a random month for visitors for my room only. A few things to keep in mind:

-I cam around 4h a night, if I cammed more it would be a lot higher – I’m limited in traffic because most of the time I am fully clothed. – There are rooms that are a lot bigger than mine -The days when I had less than 1000 unique room visits I was not online. So one would think the best way to get exposure is to go online more which costs you nothing in travel and planning is not as demanding as going to a convention.

The more you are on the more people see you!mfc traffic

Safety!!! Remember when some assholes like to harass women that work in the adult industry. By going out in public you are increasing your chances of meeting one of these assholes and being followed outside of the expo. Most of the time it’s harmless but personally if I could avoid it I would.

But I want to go and meet other models to do shows together. OK fair enough! This is a good point and if you meet the right model that works well with you as a team you can get something good out of it. However also know that girl/girl shows are overdone on MFC. Most of the time they don’t make enough to cover for your transportation there and back and your missed time on cam that you needed to travel there. You may also run into the risk of trusting the wrong camgirl with your info. In an industry where not every model treats it as a true business and where safety is very important this is a risk. However without risk there are no returns, just make sure you think smart and don’t risk more than you can afford to lose. Ever heard of the saying “don’t mix business with pleasure”? You may enjoy the party atmosphere that comes with conventions and it’s good to meet people in the same industry especially since we all deal with some isolation, however keep in mind not every camgirl has your best interest, especially if later on you reach more success than them.

4. You need to spend a shit load of money on your shows to make them interesting and be a top girl

No, all you need is a computer, a decent internet that supports at least 1 mb Upload (although I have cammed with as bad as 0.6 mb), your regular clothes that you wear every day, a brain to interact with your viewers and a work ethic. Ohh and a webcam that preferably is not built in to your laptop. Most people have all these things.

If you are spending more than you are making as a camgirl your business has a problem. Most businesses require huge capital to make any money and they may not even make anything but in ours you only need the things I mentioned above.

However there are prices to pay for us too but they are not monetary in nature:

  • you have to limit or give up your social life. Most of the revenue is done on weekends or nights when people are off work. You have to learn to cancel plans and give camming priority when most of your friends are out having fun.
  • you have to deal with stigma from close minded people, which can lead you to isolation and depression. It will be hard to make friends and be open about what you do because most of them won’t get it.
  • you have to be careful who you tell about your job, because if you value your privacy it takes one person for you to lose it.
  • you are closing doors for future careers and if you don’t make the most of your camming life you are left very behind in comparison to people the same age as you. Even if you went to university and had a degree your peers had a chance to advance their careers and you did not.
  • and even if you make the most out of it and made a lot of money, a lot of financial institutions may have an issue with it because they consider it a high risk business despite it being a 100% legal. Yes ironic how banks are the moral police. Be prepared for this and plan your retirement carefully.

5. Guys are all losers and it’s their fault you did not make your goal

This has been the general perception that I have seen discussed in some popular camgirl forums. It’s never the model’s fault, even though she tried to be on for maybe 15 min after not going on for three weeks, started at her yuge (sorry huge) phone and no guy wanted to tip or chat with her. How can they not? She always get’s hit on at the club by guys! They always whistle at her on the streets and every guy wants to be with her.  Sorry girls but it’s not the member’s job to pay your bills or their job to keep your room chat flowing. “Dead room syndrome” happens all the time (yes even to popular girls) but you have to just roll with it and keep trying until something works. Being an entitled brat only gets you so far, and is let’s just say seasonal just like those pumpkin spiced lattes are.

6. “You need to look like a REAL model to be successful, with yuge boobs and ass and big lips and be skinny too”

Ok, what the fuck is a REAL model? I guess they are referring to women that get breast, ass, face implants/fillers. If those things make you happy and give you more confidence have them done, however you do not need them in this industry. But if you have all those and have no confidence you will likely not last long or make much money.  If you take a look at the top girls that have consistent ranks almost all of them look closer to the girl next door than the “REAL model” type. It’s pretty easy to let this industry affect your self esteem, however looks are a really small part of what you need. I had my own times where insecurities took over as well. I would freak out when I would see small stretch marks on my legs and thought I had a fat tummy some days on cam. I was only 115 lbs and I was worried. Now at almost 140 lbs and with a lot more marks than I ever thought I would have in my life at my 115 lb stage, I am lucky if I just walk 10 min without felling like I am going to faint and lose my balance. When this change happened I thought my career was over and I didn’t want any of my fans to see me like that because I was afraid they would all leave and never come back. I had no choice but to make peace with it and when I did I enjoyed camming so much more. No one left as far as I know. And today I look back at my old self and think what the hell was I thinking being so worried about little stupid things. The most important thing is that you like and feel comfortable with yourself, the rest doesn’t matter.

“Please read carefully” yet not many people know how to read

Have you ever encountered someone in your life or someone who knows and who willingly destroys and tries to ruin someones reputation by spreading lies, rumors and things that are not true about someone? There is a difference between knowing somebody and hearing about somebody, or worse hearing it on social media.

“Rumors are carried by haters, spread by fools and accepted by idiots” unknown

I did not intend to write a blog tonight, but because I cannot quite comprehend where people are coming from with all this hate I would like to find the source of this and present you with the FACTS!







I don’t know who these people are but apparently they believe that I am “whorephobic, douchebag and I deserve to suffer in pain”. Ok thank you for making your opinion known but we live in a democracy so you can say whatever thoughts come out of your brain but no one has ever stated the reason why you are attacking me. Maybe I have missed something somewhere that I was not aware of. Let’s dig a bit deeper…

steph bitch12ha slow

So this seems to be where all this madness originated. This woman that I have never spoken to in my life seems to be in distress that her room is not “talking to her’ enough for having that many people in her room. In camgirl language this translates to “I’m not getting enough tips from you fuckers” so I will lash out and be emotional and focus on someone else that wasn’t the reason for my lack of success, however since she is successful every month it reminds me of my failures so I will try to pull her down and destroy her reputation. However I will not tag her or mention her name because I do not have FACTS to support my statement.

Haters are people who think they know the route to success, but they never actually get in the plane to fly themselves there.

Lets go back a few days and see the tweet that she completely misunderstood and then many others perpetuated the hate that had nothing to do with them:


This apparently inspired her emotional instability. I was responding to a guy that thought women’s value relies in the fact that they show their nipples. If you agree with this guy… well I feel sorry for you. I don’t care if you are a hardcore model, or you show your breast or sexual organs. If it empowers you go for it, but to claim that women’s only talent relies only on that is PATHETIC! If you have a brain and you are a woman that feels empowered by nudity you would agree with me as well. The funny part was that some of the models that favorited my tweet when I called this troll out were the same ones that perpetuated the hateful tweets.

I realize I am a non explicit model on MFC so it may seem weird coming from me however just like you have the right to show your body in full glory I have the right to show my own the way I want to.

I don’t believe the women that get nude on MFC are any better or worse than me but because I have a niche which has less competition and I enjoy the tease so that is how I hustle. Most girls get naked. GOOD FOR THEM! When I started MFC I joined to fap and it was great. I was getting over a relationship and I just wanted to show my body in all my glory because it made me feel good so why the hell would I be putting down women that do hardcore on camming sites or anywhere else. If you ever find any proof where I have put people down for simply being more naked or more hardcore than me, please show me!

I am NOT BETTER just DIFFERENT! I still get nude when I feel like it but it’s not the focus on my shows. If my business decision offends you then you have issues you need to address and me being less hardcore than you is not the issue.

“People getting angry over stuff they don’t understand – Twitter in a nutshell” Juke



I don’t have a title

This is probably the hardest piece of writing I have ever had to do within this blog and most probably in my life. I am not sure I can really find the exact words to express myself the best I can for this, in fact I am not even sure I have even quite absorbed the situations in my head yet, but unfortunately life sometimes throws you random things that you never in a million years would have thought you had to deal with.  Now I imagine it like a poker game, you have to play the cards you are dealt and sometimes some of those cards just suck. However there are times that a good player can play the weak cards and win the game. I am now trying to be that player.

I have briefly mentioned in another post that I had some health problems that made things harder in my daily life and could have impacted my performance on cam, which is something that I take great pride in. I was trying to be a bit vague because I wasn’t too happy thinking about it let alone discuss the details of the situation. Unfortunately despite my biggest hopes and trying to do proactive things like changing to a super healthy lifestyle and having access to modern medical facilities, things did not improve. Unfortunately now the only way to fix my situation is to perform a very invasive surgery. I was waiting all this time in hopes that I would have had to avoid that but it seems like my ovarian tumors have gotten much larger and they have found pre malignant cells. I never in a million years would have thought I would have had to deal with this at my age but now I know it happens and life can be completely random to anyone.

The good news is that things are not without hope and my life is not over yet, however I will have to make huge sacrifices to continue the fight. One of the biggest is to give up camming. It’s really hard for me to imagine not doing what I love anymore, however after my surgery in early May I have decided to take a break from the online world and focus on my health. I don’t know how long the break will be, it could be a few months, a year or I may not come back, however I need to do this in order to get better.

I am telling you all this because a lot of you have been really close people in my life, you have helped me through hard times sometimes without even realizing you were doing it. You have changed my life and believed in me and helped me become the person I am today. I think it would not sit well with me if I just pretended nothing happened and one day I just disappeared without telling anyone anything.

I do not want any of you to pity tip me after knowing this. I would want you to do it only and ONLY if I ever did anything to entertain you and make you smile. That would make me a lot happier than people feeling sorry for me because I refuse to feel sorry for myself.

Since this is not a topic I am happy thinking about or discussing I please ask you to keep it away from the room discussions or even emails, PMs and twitter. If I don’t reply to your messages about this please understand that it really means a lot to me you are thinking of me but writing back about it even if you sent a nice message makes me feel depressed. I want April to be filled with happy memories and I don’t want sadness to spoil any of this. I REFUSE to let this bring me down and I promise you I will fight it!

Also I realize there is a Kickaholic raffle going on till the end of May. I am changing the deadline of that to the end of April and the winner can choose to wait until I am fit to travel or can pick the alternative prize which is an oil painting.

You will be missed Kickland!

Facts without fiction

I have seen a lot of serious allegations made against me that supposedly I have not paid a certain model I used to work with over 3 years ago. First of all I am truly shocked to hear this after all this time and I do not understand where this even came from in the first place.

I will try my best to recall all the events and try to use an objective point of view to the best of my abilities.
This model that does not cam anymore worked with me in October/ November 2013. She stayed at my house for 7 days and I offered to cover all accommodations, food and rides to and from the airport. I gave her the option to stay in a hotel if that made her more comfortable also but she decided to stay at my house.

From the moment we met there was something not right. She volunteered personal information of models that she had worked with in the UK, including legal names, locations where they lived and their marital status. Also spoke badly of them and said they were very annoying to work with.

RED FLAG 1!! This is the golden rule of camming. No matter how much you dislike a model you never offer to share personal information about them because it may put their life in danger, especially since this conversation was 100% unprovoked. I tried to stay as calm as possible and tried to switch the conversation to a neutral topic because it was making me uncomfortable to hear.

The agreement was that we would work 3 days on my account and 4 days on hers (one extra day). That was easier because we didn’t have to deal with cash, conversion rates and tax complications. She agreed!lights-adreena

The first three days on my account she seemed disinterested and kept running offcam to talk/ text on her phone quite often. I thought maybe she was still a bit jet lag and since she was new to camming overall she just needed some time to warm up. She kept complaining she was tired and she had a headache.

After the first 3 days were over it was time to work on her account. During this time she kept complaining even more how she was so tired and couldn’t sleep. The times we were broadcasting she was very disinterested from the room. Remarks were made by the viewers that she needs to participate more. I take huge pride in my work and I did not want the room to lack the good atmosphere so I started selling my own galleries and videos to help her, since she didn’t have any content for sale. After I see her just sitting back in the chair in the corner I cut the feed of the camera and asked her politely that we needed to talk.

We went downstairs and I mentioned that I could not do this on my own and I needed it to be teamwork to make tokens (which she was keeping all btw) She agreed to try and participate more. I took out a piece of paper and wrote down ideas for us to do on cam with the amounts of tokens we would do but there still wasn’t much input from her.

I  also offered to shoot her a gallery which she could sell on her own. During the shoot time she kept complaining that she felt “too fat and ugly” and it was hard for her to do this and wasn’t enjoying it. I politely reminded her that she was great and we could make this work. It was very hard to deal with the constant complaining and nagging but I had to make this work because I did not want my fans to think that we had a problem. I want my room (even when I broadcast in other’s accounts) to be about positive things, not how this other camgirl I had met wasn’t pulling in her share. I talked nicely about her to them and I genuinely wanted her to be successful.

The days went by and she kept saying that she was too “tired” to go on cam and I should just go on her cam on my own because I know what to do. I am sorry but I do not work that way! I felt really disrespected and unappreciated and at this point I decided not to offer my galleries for sale on her account anymore. She didn’t know what to do on cam so she just logged off. On top of that…let’s call him a male “friend” kept communicating with her on her phone and said something along the lines of “why isn’t kickaz on cam, tell kickaz to go on” This is beyond disrespectful but I still kept my calm and told her that I did not want to hear anymore about what this “friend” is texting her and the business was between me and her.

Again I never lost my temper with her and tried to handle everything professionally.  As for how much we made. She already posted the totals on her twitter. The first 4 days of the month is the days we worked together.

After she left to the UK we were still talking in a civil matter to each other and I let her raffle one of my exclusive galleries of us together for ONE MONTH ( I was the photographer so by default I owned the rights to the pictures).


Time went by and there was no conflict anymore at least that’s what I thought. She sent me a nice email in July, 2016.


One day out of the blue in 2016 I saw derogatory tweets about me saying how she was giving my nude content away to everyone that was interested. I was also blocked from viewing this tweets so I could not reply. I decided to not get involved and moved on despite being very shocked and confused about her behavior.

I decided to write this because I want to stop being associated with this person and most importantly I want to not deal with people coming at me with accusations. I just want to give the facts for everyone to see and move on. I do not wish her bad things. It sounds like she’s not in a happy place in her life and I hope whatever issue is bothering her in her mind gets better.


My move to Mexico…


Over a year ago I made one of the biggest decisions of my life to sell my car, donate my belongings and move to a brand new country with new traditions, new climate, different language and somewhat of a misunderstood culture especially in US media.

It wasn’t a light decision and I first entertained the idea of moving south over 4 years ago, but only made the final decision in September, 2015.

Why Mexico:

When I was considering moving I was looking for three main things;

1. Warm weather             2.Lower cost of living            3. Good timezone for camming

I lived in Europe for a brief period and working from 12am-8am every night was really hard on my body. I was not able to function properly, barely saw any daylight and just knew my geographic region was basically any country south of Canada that fit those three criteria.

I was mainly deciding between Costa Rica and Mexico since they both offered the good weather and were perceived to be low cost destinations. To my surprise Costa Rica was not as low cost, in fact real estate was more expensive than most Canadian cities and you got the same amenities that you would get in a developing country. There were built up areas in San Jose but paying $3000 a month for a rental was not my idea of saving money since I was paying $1000 in Canada renting a similar place.

So next option was Mexico… I had previously traveled to different parts of Mexico such as the Mayan Riviera, Puerto Vallarta and Guadalajara and the third one appealed the most. The other two places by the coast were too humid and the infiltration of tourism had made them really not that affordable.

playa-carmen-map Prices of homes in Cancun and Playa del Carmen playaaseemed really inflated… $200,000 and upwards for a condo and $500,000 for a house with a decent lot ( we aren’t talking acres here just enough to not be a cookie cutter house). Sounded like it was a better deal to move to a southern US state. Because of tourism, dining out and entertainment was also more expensive. Walking through the airport of Cancun I felt like they saw me as a walking wallet and did not have any respect or manners when dealing with you in securing a taxi. I paid close to $100 USD for a two way ride to my hotel that was 10 min from the airport. The best part was that they never showed up to pick me up and I had to pay another overpriced taxi my hotel called for me so I wouldn’t miss my flight. I think the east coast is fun to go once in a while for a change of scenery but the over the top tourist feel and the humidity and heat was not my cup of tea. I would recommend this location if you are looking for great turquoise beaches with white sand and all inclusive resorts that can be quite good and affordable if you do some research.

puerto-vallarta-sPuerto Vallarta and the surrounding area seemed like a tuned down version of Cancun/Playa. Located on the west coast of Mexico, it’s visited by many world travelers every year although it’s not as popular as the East Coast.

The airport is located right in the city and you can walk out if you like. The area is pretty built up with golf courses, a marina with expensive homes, a few all inclusive hotels and at the end there’s the old town which they also call the zona Romantica. The weather was still hot and humid but not as unbearable as in Cancun. Real estate and dining out were still at tourist prices and almost all sales and home rentals were in US dollars. I would still class this area a bit cheaper than the east coast. Puerto Vallarta was growing on me but I still wanted to see more options of what Mexico had to offer so I took my next trip to Guadalajara which is in the same state as Puerto Vallarta (Jalisco).

el-expiatorio-guadalajaraGuadalajara is the second biggest city in Mexico, behind Mexico City. It is well known for beautiful colonial architecture, art and mariachi. Hmm now this place is sounding quite Mexican, however it is also the home of major tech companies and you can also find commercial centers that make you think you are in any major metropolitan like New York, Toronto or London. However it is not a major tourist attraction among foreigners and it caters to mostly Mexican visitors or foreigners visiting for business purposes. This could also mean that if you want to come here you may need to brush up your Spanish skills because not everyone you see will speak to you in English, although a lot still do speak English it’s not as common as the coastal places I mentioned above.

My first impression when I stepped at the airport… My body doesn’t feel like it’s in a sauna… wow ok this not so bad. There was only one taxi booth which had fares in Mexican pesos and to my surprise they were very affordable to what I had seen in the other airports. It was around $20 for a 1h taxi ride. Beats the $100 dollars for a 10 min ride I got in Cancun.

As much as I liked the idea of having all the amenities of a big city, the traffic which is the most horrible I have seen in the world, after Mexico city killed the idea of moving there, so I decided to stay rural which offered affordable real estate, lots of space and privacy with less neighbors around you. There was one catch… INTERNET… I had two providers one of them being Telmex which only provided 5mb download and 0.5 mb upload. Yuck! I got around this by purchasing phone data which does get quite expensive. The other drawback was that because I am in such a rural place life can be really boring at times and finding people that have things in common with you that can keep up with my work schedule are almost none. But I still like living in the country and my 4 dogs keep me happy and entertained most of the time.

Things I noticed during my first year here:

1. Safety

There is this perception generally portrayed by US media that one should not go to Mexico or they will get robbed, mugged and killed. Of course this things happen here but they also happen in the US, Canada and in any part of the world. The truth is that in most cases the shootings and killings are done by drug cartels trying to eliminate their competition aka other drug cartels. If you are not selling or buying drugs chances are no one will bother you. Some people are afraid they will get attention because they look “white”. Well let me tell you; I have seen ginger Mexicans, tall blonde with Nordic features and some that look very European. Mexico is mixed nationalities so you will get all looks here. If you use common sense such as not getting plastered at 3 am and then going to look for drugs chances are you are okay. Also use common sense and don’t offend the locals. I saw a drunk American in Puerto Vallarta that kept shouting really derogatory terms about Mexicans and although nothing happened to him and I was really impressed how the bartender didn’t just kick him out, you really don’t want to piss off the wrong guy here so be polite and treat people with kindness.

It is true that there is a lot of poverty in Mexico so it’s common to have high walls surrounding your property, electric fences, metal bars on your windows. Even the poor Mexicans do this and it’s just how it is here. If you have no fence or bars people take it as an invite to come and take your stuff.

As a young gringa (term for foreigner) I have not had any issues with safety and I have traveled to many Mexican cities on my own.  As long as you use common sense and don’t go hitchhiking (yes it has been done) or drive where there’s known cartel activity you will be fine. Remember Mexico is a huge place. Think of it as; If there is a major shooting in Detroit, should you be afraid to fly let’s say Alaska which has nothing to do with Detroit.

2. Major Culture Change

One may thing the hardest challenge would be not knowing the language. This hasn’t been the case for me and despite coming here with zero Spanish I was able to conversate after 3 months (i’m not fluent mind you), also it helps that a lot of people speak English and well… there’s a thing called a phone and google translate. You type what you need to say on your phone and show it to the person. The things I had to get used to were more in attitude than communication.

  • Mañana Attitude

    This means tomorrow. Mexico is the land of mañana… Almost everyone is really laid back in Mexico. If you ask a contractor how long a job will take they will say 3 weeks but what they really mean is 6 months, maybe even one year. If you are waiting on a delivery and they say it will arrive tomorrow, be prepared than tomorrow may mean the day after tomorrow, or it could also mean next month or never, and they will not call you to let you know that they absolutely wasted your time. If you need to pay a telephone bill or electricity bill be prepared for the office to close after waiting in line for 1h or more telling you they are open mañana. Sometimes the simplest tasks in Mexico that can be done at the click of a button in the western world would take hours, days, weeks. Even if you shop in big department stores like Walmart, it will take the cashier 20 min to ask someone for change for each customer and she will just stand there until someone other staff comes along looking bored and unapologetic. 20 min to pay for 2 small items when there’s only two people in line; more people… be prepared to WAIT…
    Not everyone is like this and I have met people that were on time and delivered what they promised but I had to go through a lot of bad apples to know those people.

  • Food

    Mexican tacos; No cheese, no sower cream, just beef, cilantro, onion and avocado sauce with beans

    The cost of food is surprisingly low but in contrary to the western world, in Mexico it’s almost impossible to find any large variety of frozen food or semi prepared stuff in supermarkets that is also healthy. If you happen to find it be prepared to pay double of what you would pay in the US because that’s “imported luxury” even if you are looking for just a can of beans. Anything that is not made here you pay for it through the roof. On the other side Mexicans take pride in cooking everything from scratch and buying fresh veggies and meat is also very affordable. If you are a busy working person that barely has any time to eat this could be a problem. But you can fix that by dining out which is also really affordable compared to what we pay in the US or Canada.

    Shrimp/ Pesto base pizza; Total cost $5.00 USD


    You can eat authentic local tacos or tortas (a local sandwich here) for 50 cents each. You usually need 4 of those to fill you up so you just had your main meal for $2.00. USD. If you want to add a beer to that that’s another 1$ or it can be less depending on where you go. If you buy the beer at the convenience store is only a few cents. If one is bored of tacos there are other options of Mediterranean Style, Steak houses, Bar and Grills which can be quite good especially if you live in a metropolitan area or close to foreign retirement areas because they tend to want variety. However I would like to warn you… careful when you try sushi… In most cases it will be a Mexicanised version of what they think it’s sushi with a lot of overboiled rice and a LOT of cheese. My experience with Mexican cuisine is that they love cheese, greasy sauces and spices, so they will give you jalapeno to eat with your sushi.

  • czgz88nuoaa5xt9
    Mexican version of a “tempura roll” so much cheese!




Grilled Salmon; Total cost $8.00 (including tax)

If you decide to not eat Mexican but want to experience a good steak house or a nice roasted chicken, a full rack of ribs or a great succulent burger there are plenty of options here that vary from $5-$15 per dish in a really upscale place. Hygiene has never been a problem in restaurants and you can ask to drink non bottled water with ice. They have to filter the water by law and no restaurant owner wants to kill their customers so during all the travels I have done in Mexico I have never gotten sick from the water.

One thing I have found really really bizarre is that it’s impossible to find Tex Mex style nachos served with sour cream, salsa and vegetables. The equivalent here is a soggy mass of maybe 5 deep fried tortillas with boiled water and A LOT of cheese. No veggies at all, no sour cream and the salsa is different to what I was used to in Canada. I think they may have this in Cancun or even Puerto Vallarta but hard to find in Guadalajara.

  • Dogs

    Lucky, Bianca and Jackie in my yard. All were found on the streets in really bad health conditions. 

    Mexico is still a developing country with a lot of poor people and not a lot of them are educated about proper care for an animal. Most of them let their dogs to roam around free which means they can be exposed to being run over by cars, a lot of them eat garbage and just mate with other dogs to contribute to the world wide issue of stray dogs. Living in a rural area, it’s quite easy to see this on a daily basis. There are some non for profit shelters/ volunteer vets that will offer to spay or neuter dogs for free for poor families but most of them either don’t really know about it, or just don’t think about it as a problem because they will just throw the puppies on the street anyway.

    Xena; my newest puppy I found while shopping for tiles

    However I have been overwhelmed by how many Mexicans are also dog lovers and how many of them have also homed street dogs or dogs from shelters and given them the proper  vet care, food and shelter. A neighbor close to my vacation rental in Puerto Vallarta had homed 10 street dogs he found roaming in the streets looking for garbage. One of them was still quite sick but they all seemed happy and knew he cared about them. Another Mexican woman that worked as a massage therapist had also homed two street dogs that she found at almost starving conditions. Maybe I have been lucky but I have never noticed any street dog be aggressive towards humans. I also haven’t seen a lot of direct human abuse like throwing rocks at them or hurting the dogs on purpose, the major issue seems to be neglect. With that said any street dog I have met seemed to be loving any human attention you give them. They always seem eager to please. However they are not so kind to other dogs and two of my female dogs had to be taken to the vet multiple times until they finally learned to live in peace. They haven’t been fighting anymore and I hope it never happens again.


  • Healthcare

    I have been really pleasantly surprised by the quality and cost of the Mexican healthcare so far. It can take from 10-30 min wait to see a doctor that will examine you and explain everything about what you have. They also have offered me their number and email if I needed anything or if I had any problems with my medications. I have never seen that in Canada both the attitude and the waiting period. They also speak excellent English as most of them were trained in US or European Universes. The cost of a visit is $12.00 USD. If you need a specialist it can go up. I paid $30.00 to see a specialist. If you need specialized care there are top of the line hospitals in Guadalajara that offer more extensive services. The cost of medication is also really affordable in comparison to what I used to pay in Canada for the same things. Hospitals also take US insurance plans and there are plans you can buy locally here but I have no experience with this as the cost to pay out of pocket is really minimal.


  • Driving

    Just a normal day in traffic

    – This one really really SUCKS especially if you drive to bigger places like Guadajajara. I would not dare drive in Mexico City because it’s supposed to be much worse than Guadajajara. I grew up in Southern Europe and I thought I had seen some aggressive driving. This is much worse because you often have to deal with pedestrians that walk across (no I didn’t say run) a major highway when there’s a pedestrian bridge on top of it for them to cross. Ain’t nobody got time for stairs, let’s just be in a rush to die instead because we are too lazy to go up a few flights of stairs. The worse part is that they do this with small children as well.


  • “I cannot afford to have lights on my car, or get it insured, or even afford to get a         drivers licence or know anything about how to drive, but fuck it… I will drive anyway on major highways” No one stops these sorts of vehicles because they have no money to bribe police. But having a GPS on your dash is considered illegal and you may get fined for it.
  • ct33nqrvyaalvzc

    The emergency lights!!!!! In the west we use indicators when we plan to turn so the other person behind us will know what we are doing so they don’t crash into us. Indicators have no use in Mexico and a very small percentage of drivers use them. If someone wants to do something they will turn their emergency lights on and they may stop abruptly in the middle of the road, maybe make a fast turn, maybe switch lanes or maybe do nothing at all.


  • michiganleft_graphic
    Imagine no traffic signals and every car in each lane is doing 110 km/h and you are the red arrow. No drivers will let you in either. On top of that you may have a crazy pedestrian that thinks it’s ok to cross and a guy with a horse carriage on the side of the road doing 10 km/h

    Making a U turn to find a location on the other side of the road in HIGH SPEED highways. Normally I am used to using a ramp to enter a highway but here although they exist they are not as common.

  • Road paint. Ha… imagine a major highway designed to have two lanes, now there is no paint to guide you and you have maybe 5 lanes of cars all racing each other to get to where they need to as fast as they can, combine that with a faulty GPS that is confused about where you are going and really shitty road signs to guide you where you are going. If you happen to drive at night, you wont see any paint to know where the border of the road is because they used the shittiest quality that washes off in 2 weeks.
  • If you are found in an accident you go to jail if someone is hurt, even if you are the non guilty part and you happen to be hurt. I heard of a case of an old man going to jail with broken ribs because they needed 3 days to sort out of the case of who’s fault it was even if it’s visibly obvious who was at fault it’s the LAW they need to take you. There is no food or water in jail or any basic hygiene and you will have one cell with people and feces right in the corner. If you want food and water you have to have a family member bring it. This promotes a lot of hit and run cases or people just pay the police a bribe to not record the incident, although they were not the part that was at fault. Personally I think this is the most shocking law I have ever heard of and if you are visiting here I recommend to not rent a car. Taxis are inexpensive and there’s also Uber in major cities which is even cheaper than taxis.


  • Cohetes and noise

    Cohetes are loud fireworks that their only purpose is to make noise. They sound like a cannon is blowing. As far as I know the origin of this started when the indigenous people used to use drums to make noise so they would get closer to their gods. When the colonization period began, cohetes replaced drums and ironically are used a lot by people close to catholic churches. If you ever stay anywhere in Mexico do NOT stay close to a Catholic church, no matter how pretty the neighborhood looks. It will blow your ear drums starting at 4am in the morning. It may last 10 min or hours.

  • Noise is much more tolerable in Mexican culture… When I had construction done to my house, the workers would bring really loud speakers with the bass turned all the way up. Combine this with the fact that I was working till 3 am in the morning and went to bed at 5 am and the workers get there at 7 am with their stereos and hammering. This is not just a worker thing. You will often see cars install concert type speakers that when they drive around it shakes the walls of your house (not an exaggeration). No police will pull these cars over either. Also do not live near a bar or nightclub even if it’s a few blocks away. They will have speakers outside that will shake your house and the entire block of homes in your neighborhood. There is no such thing as insulation here and no club is asked to make their location sound proof. As bad as this sounds if you pick a house that is not close to a church, a major road or a town center you will be fine.
  • There are a lot of gated communities that offer the illusion of safety and less noise. Some of them are less noisy than the mixed class Mexican neighborhoods but you still hear of break ins despite them having a “guard” to ID people coming in. Also not all home owners pay their monthly fees for the amenities which can create problems. Some of them are quite nice and quiet but just because something looks nice in Mexico it’s not necessarily better.

Despite the good and bad things I have seen so far about my new country I still think I made a good decision to move here. No place in the world is perfect, but at the end of the day I can tolerate the negatives and appreciate the positives it gives me. And as long as the positives are more than the negatives I can make this place my home.

Agave fields in Jalisco

A lot of people have asked me questions about where to travel in Mexico that is still safe. I am not a expert tour guide but here are a few on my list

Waterfront of Chapala, the biggest lake in Mexico

Yukatan Peninsula, Puerto Vallarta and surrounding towns,  Manzanillo, Guadalajara (just don’t stay in the east side, although Tlaquepaque is an exception to the rule), Town of Tequila, Lake Chapala (it has a high number of foreign expats ), San Miguel D’Allende (a lot of expats too but much more expensive and colder in the winter, still a nice place to see), Guanajuato, Puebla and so many more places to see.

The last few days’ absence

I know the last few days I have been more absent from MFC. It’s not usual for me to take that many days off because I take pride in my work and enjoy my room and the group of regulars and friends that visit my room.

Unfortunately a few weeks ago I was diagnosed with a tumour that requires me to take medications. This sounds more awful than it is. So far it’s not life threatening just more inconvenient because it’s (not sure if it’s the meds or the actual tumour) giving me migraines, nausea and general weakness.

Despite all that, I want you guys to know that I’m not going anywhere and Kickland will still continue to be the happy and cheerful place it’s always been and hopefully we can continue the top 9 streak this month.

It was not easy coming with this publicly because I do not like discussing negative things but I feel like people can understand the situation better now and it’s easier than answering multiple emails.

I ask you to please not bring this up in my room as I like it to be mine and my viewers happy place. Like I said it’s not life threatening just more of a bummer that has made me feel not 100% to go on and be entertaining. I know most of you are not upset about it but there is a certain guilt involved for me into being on and not being able to be always cheering and full of energy.  I don’t know why I feel that way but I do.

I have decided to take one more night off and hopefully be back tomorrow feeling refreshed.

Stay classily pervy! 


How dare a human have an opinion that isn’t the same as mine!

Ever heard of people that have analytical minds. They think… I happen to think about a lot of things as you probably do as well. My life in the last four years was dedicated to mainly one thing… My career! That career happened to be webcamming…Weird ehh…

My mind happens to think mostly 90% of the time about webcamming. I am fascinated by the analytics behind it. It’s a really interesting industry and there are a lot of elements that make camming captivating.

One day I happened to share one of my thoughts on social media. Yes I happen to have formed thoughts about something that I have done constantly for over 4 years. How weird is that…

This was what I wrote. It was intended as a personal opinion and nothing more, however to my surprise a lot of people seemed to be offended by it.


Also to my surprise no one bothered to ask why I thought a certain way about the “pay” for pms topic, but jumped to conclusions that since I am talking about lower traffic rooms I must automatically put them down. This was absolutely not the case and I would like to explain why somewhere in this article.

It’s okay to disagree with the thoughts or opinions expressed by other people. That doesn’t give you the right to deny any sense they might make. Nor does it give you a right to accuse someone of poorly expressing their beliefs just because you don’t like what they are saying. Sometimes this means overcoming your pride and opening your mind beyond what is comfortable.

Let me tell you why I think offering the “pay to talk to me” is hurting a model more than is helping her and why this impacts lower traffic rooms more than the high traffic ones. It has nothing to do with putting down the lower models. It boils down to simple business analytics.

The one thing that all successful rooms have in common on MFC is community and a fun chat room where people chat and keep the energy flowing. This often promotes tipping. If you happen to work on a private base site, please ignore this but this is strictly my view point on MFC.

Newer or lower traffic models have to work a lot harder because they are working on building this community. You want to give people incentives to chat IN THE ROOM, not steal your attention away from it. If you allow someone to pay for your attention this is what messages you are giving:

  • Objectifying members: “I don’t want to chat with you but if you pay me I will pretend to like you and pay you attention”
  • Objectifying yourself: “I am the member that payed you 200 tokens to chat with you and you must pay attention to me all the time… Because I PAID “

Deep down every human being wants to feel appreciated. If you are a model you want to feel like someone is tipping you to show that they like what you do and if you are a member you would hope that a model would at least be somewhat respectful and genuine to you, and not like you only because you tip her and nothing else. At the end of the day we are still humans interacting with other humans.

  • Giving the wrong impression to potential new people: If you allow members to steal your attention away for “pay” you may end up with quite a few people that want that on a regular basis. This is going to make it hard for you to shine in the room and captivate the attention of potential new tippers.
  • Attracting the wrong type of members: A lot of the comments I saw to my initial tweet talked about people on pm usually talking about negative things. The models often said that they don’t like these people. Now by putting in the topic “pay me to talk to you” you are attracting those people.
  • Giving up control: When you are a new camgirl a lot of people will try to take advantage of you. When you are a not so new camgirl a lot of people will try to take advantage of you. Even when you are not even a camgirl people will try to take advantage of you. This is the reason why having control is important in keeping your sanity and happiness intact. When someone pays you to chat… where do they draw the line… What if they expect you to pay attention to them all the time and become passive aggressive (often by tipping you with passive aggressive tip notes) to make you feel bad about focusing on the room. This stops you from growing your business. This stops you from gaining new fans… and depending on how passive aggressive the comments get, it stops you from enjoying yourself while you cam.

NOTE: Some people took that as Open PMs for all. This will really drive you nuts and I do not recommend it. I just think it’s better to chat to people that you enjoy chatting with. It will make you and your room happier at the end of the day and you will weed out the rude people that will  try to kill your mojo.