My first blog ever!

Hey guys, I hope I get to make this blog an awesome place full of neat posts, but for now I am still learning the ropes.

I will add more as time goes by, but for now I am taking baby steps.



Btw this site allows polls (yay) let’s play 


  1. HaiBBhru says:

    ropes are for pussies.

  2. Ritchie0069 says:

    Hi KIckaz,

    Love what you are doing. Happy to follow you.



  3. CamLover2 says:

    and epic achievements too 🙂

  4. TravelerG says:

    Its A Great Start For A First Post Cause Its “KICKAZ” Lol

  5. Nice!, Kicka – have been waiting for this …

  6. Charles says:

    Looks good. Always nice to see new beginnings!

  7. CSD says:

    I want to see whatever insight you will give us into your world. Happy blogging

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