Halloween Contest Wrap Up

halloween girls

I want to take a moment to thank all the models and members for helping me have my first official Halloween event this year.
This is one of my favorite holidays (even though not an official holiday here) and I am so happy that I will have another girl with me on cam the last days of the month.
Since we mentioned that, I would like to introduce you Adreena, the winner of this year’s competition. She is a real cutie-pie 😉
TeslaWynn also fought a strong battle and had the lead in votes almost the entire month.

I have a few things planned on top of the body painting show that will happen on Oct 31st. I can’t wait to show Adreena Kickland and if the library is not too infested with nerds we could do a paint show from there one day 😛 (if she’s into libraries)

Now Bella keeps licking my foot, I think she wants me to take her outside for an adventure. I will see you all in a few hours on myfreecams.

Have a great day everyone!

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  1. Shak69 says:

    Hi Kickaz,,

    Adreena is amazing and you will love her. I’m so glad she has won the chance to work with you, you will both have a fantastic time.

    Please look after her for us all.


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