Kickaz Mexican Adventure and the month of December

Dear friends, 

After months of hard work on mfc I decided to reward myself with a vacation. I am really looking forward to the sun, the beach, the food and the drinks. My computer and Ethernet cable will be with me also, and if the internet isn’t prehistoric, I might even show you around my hotel room. If camming is not possible, then I will probably bombard your twitter with pictures of drunk people around my hotel (maybe that’s not a good idea), ok how about pictures of delicious food and maybe, just maybe, one of me on the beach 😛

I already packed the camera and the tripod and I am really looking forward to sharing the secret pictures with the winners of the raffle. I have a few ideas for the exclusive video so far and I can’t wait to put them at work. This is a video that will currently be available to the winner of the raffle only (not included in diamond). Also for those of you licket lovers, every offline licket will go through meiosis. So you end up with double the chances!

Then I will be back in the chilly Kicklandian Dec (yuck) and will be online at midnight pacific time on Dec 1st. December has been a very important milestone for me and will always be remembered as the time Kickaz was really born (not my real birthday). After months of feeling lost and confused in the world of camming, I finally realized that my happiness is what was the most important. I then understood for the first time that I was not dealing with “customers” like some people like to call members, but I was dealing with real human beings. I realized that I could not please every member on the site (camming is not customer service, customer is not always right), but I could surround myself with people that understood me and were happy WITH me. This was the first real successful month on MFC for me. I can confidently say that I had a lot of supportive members that helped me pull through the 15h shifts I was doing on mfc to be able to stay in the top 100. I am so happy that some of those people are still in the room today. Without them, I probably would have not considered doing camming full time or met a lot of you guys. 

I am hoping that December 2013 will be another milestone in ending the year with smiles, laughs, sexy times and how can you forget dem goofie times. I would like to say that I am very grateful for reaching one year of success on myfreecams and very lucky to have found something I am passionate about. 

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  1. Boib says:

    Enjoy the vacation and please keep us posted on Twitter on your excellent adventure. Hugs and kisses, Bob

  2. I guess that is 3:00 am EST. I am looking forward to it. I loved your last show.

  3. BJS says:

    Just read your vacation blog as well as “Kickaz begins…” Finding who you are is the hardest thing in life and you did it! Your honesty about your family background is something many would not reveal but I think it was a catharsis freeing you to be you. Your hours of “work” (since a great job is like not working) have paid off and you are about to have a well earned vacation.

    Since I am only a basic on MFC, I cannot chat in your room but I am a loyal Kickaz fan who much admires your idea of sensuality since all it takes is your “whisper” to prove your point.! You are as sexy as you are intelligent!

    I also follow you on twitter and included a map of Kickland that I hope you will hopefully enjoy upon your arrival home for your vaction.

    Have a BLAST and beware the bishes in Mexico.

  4. don says:

    Enjoy your time, you deserve it and i can’t wait to see the tan lines when you return. There will be tan lines right…….yikes.

  5. Chaz says:

    Hi Kick, I to am only a basic member, and have enjoyed you in the Library and your paint show. Hope you have a restful and fun vacation down in Mexico. I look forward to seeing you in chilly Kicklandian.

  6. mojo says:

    Mexico huh? Dont drink the water and bring plenty of Beano. Hope you had a restful vacation Kick. You deserve it!

  7. Hulkman says:

    Come on wear are u

  8. Hulkman says:

    Welcome home kick

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