Thinking about becoming a myfreecams model?

swag1So after watching cam rooms for a while, seeing models flirting with a camera and then seeing how they get tipped for it, you decide to give camming a go! First of all congratulations for making this huge decision! It’s not a light one. Before you dive in the world of camming please consider the following questions:

– Will I do this as a career or will this just be temporary?

– What is my comfort level on cam? Where should I draw the line?

– Am I prepared to deal with the fact that members may record my shows and then post them all over the internet?

– What if my family and friends find out?

– After considering all of the above is camming worth it to me?

Lets start elaborating on them now:

  1. Career or temporary fix for money

In any business (yes camming is a business) you receive what you put into it. If you want to be a top model in this industry you need to treat it as a full time job. Just because you have flexibility it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be held accountable and work hard. The general rule is the more hours you work the more money you will make and the easier it will be to make money in the long run. If you come with the idea that camming is easy money and a get rich fast scheme, you are in the wrong business and I suggest you keep your other job. Yes some models make great money at it but if you are just starting out, chances are you won’t be one of them. Myfreecams has almost 40 000 registered models. 134 girls join MFC every day, but 76% quit in 4 months! On average a girl takes 15 months to finish on top 100 for the first time (info obtained from

These numbers are not meant to scare you. Use them as a tool to create realistic goals and make informed decisions about camming.

Let’s talk money now: How much does a camgirl make? It all varies from 6 figures a year to a few hundreds dollars. The average camgirl makes around $20/h and many others make much less.

  2. Drawing the line 

I know many people (especially members) disagree with this but myfreecams is not a porn site, it is an adult oriented social webcam site however. Even myfreecams itself states that “This is not a porn site” (pasted from their wiki page). This means you can do whatever you feel comfortable with on cam as long as you don’t do anything against the rules. (the rules on myfreecams are a bit of a gray area but I shall save that for another post)

Every model is different: some like to do hardcore shows, they use a variety of sex toys to obtain orgasm. This is a very common type of show on myfreecams also called a “public show” Some others focus more on the social aspect of it, some show partial nudity, some don’t even take off any clothes and just use the platform to chat or play games.

No matter what niche of camming you choose to do, do not put down other models that are different than you. We don’t have to like everyone in the industry, but I have seen some “non-nude” models saying how much “classier and smarter” they are compared to models that do hardcore. If you think this way you shouldn’t be on this site. The opposite happens too, models that show more on cam calling the ones that don’t focus as much on the nudity “scammers”. There are scammers in any business but if you don’t make any false promises you are not one of them, no matter how much skin you show.

You will have members that will pressure you to do things you aren’t comfortable with. Some will ask you to do things that are even against the rules of the sites “will you bring your bf here and have sex with him in from of me” “will you defecate for me”. Sometimes the internet attracts some very very dark individuals too. Although not common you might have people discussing taboo topics such as incest, bestiality and pedophilia. Stay away from those no matter how much a guy promises to tip you!

If you want to be a “non-nude” model you need to understand that despite showing less you need to find ways to still be sexy. If you want to go this way, learn how to tease and use the art of seduction. Being pretty doesn’t matter too much as much as your attitude on cam. Don’t be one of those girls that expects tips just because you look pretty. Being pretty is not enough to make it big in this business. There are 40 000 other women you are competing with, you need to offer smth more unique than just being “pretty”

Some models list on their profile what they will and will not do. I think it’s a great way of doing it, but please try to keep your way of writing positive. For example: Model wants to tell members she doesn’t do hardcore on cam”

bad way of saying it: ” I don’t do hardcore on cam, ever! you mention that and you will get banned!”

Better way of saying that: “I want to be comfortable and happy on cam. If I am happy the room has a better vibe for us all. This means I will not engage in any hardcore action.  Thank you for understanding and if that is not your style you are welcome to check out other models on this site”

IMPORTANT: No matter how much money any member tips you, you shouldn’t have to jeopardize your comfort level. If they tip you big asking for things you don’t do (after you have told them so before), they are disrespecting you. Don’t allow that to happen! Also a tip is a token of appreciation in my opinion, it shouldn’t be used as a control mechanism by members. Respecting yourself is what keeps you healthy; mentally and emotionally strong in this business! Don’t confuse respect with not doing hardcore or nudity. I know plenty of models that do both and are women that I have great respect and admiration for!

3. Being recorded

Myfreecams tell you that you can block locations. Yes this is true but people can use a VPN to change your IP and your next door neighbor all of a sudden is in your room. This is an exaggerated example but it does happen. There is a very common trend lately of people putting you on auto record and then posting your shows all over the internet (major porn sites too). If you think that won’t happen to you, think again! It’s very common even the girls that don’t have as much exposure as the top models get recorded. If this has already happened to you, please DO NOT contact the sites directly. It’s the worse thing you can do and it will produce little results. Email the model support on myfreecams and give them the exact links (not the general site) with your content. They have a legal team in place which handles taking down content and they are the only ones that should handle this, not you or anyone else (that includes members too). Legally the content is not owned by you (even if you are featured in it). When you sign a contract to be a model on mfc they now legally own all your content.

Everything you do has consequences and that includes camming. I find it really mind blowing that a kid at 18 is old enough to do porn but not allowed to have a drink in the US until they are 21. Even if you are young doing this please educate yourself and know the consequences:

-what do you want to do with your life after you cam?

I personally think the stigma towards the adult industry is unfair. If it wasn’t for sex none of us would be here. I don’t understand how something so vital to the human race is regarded so taboo in our society. On the other hand our society understands the power of sex and they now use it everywhere; advertising, music industry, mainstream movies. Even kid’s toys (Barbie anyone?) No matter if you decide to show less skin on cam than the people in the mainstream media or make your shows more pornographic in nature you should understand not everyone views things like I do.

You might find obstacles in future careers if they involve children, politics or if you decide to work for a company that has conservative views and does extensive background checks. Or maybe one of your coworkers recognizes you. Anything is possible.

If you want to continue to be self employed after you are done camming it might be less challenging, however not everyone is cut to own their own business, and some risks are higher (ex: you won’t always know how much your paycheque will be, or even if you will have one some months). If owing your own business is the route you want to go, start saving your money and learn as much as possible about how business works. Taking up a business degree is great but not enough. School won’t teach you everything. You need to be eager to learn and make independent choices if you want to be an entrepreneur. Being unique in your ideas and practical are other qualities that will help you in this venture.

Camming can be very lucrative, however for many it’s short lived. I see girls that end up top 20 or top 100 and then take many months off and start buying expensive cars and clothes. It’s ok to spoil yourself a little but cars, shoes and clothes are all depreciating assets, meaning if you are tight for money tomorrow, chances are you won’t sell them for more money than you bought them.  Cash is power in the world of entrepreneurship! Save your cash and learn how to invest it properly. You don’t want to be that girl that drove the Lamborghini 5 years ago and now doesn’t have enough money to pay her rent or buy food.

4. What about your family and friends

Some models are very secretive about what they do. Security and protection of your identity should not be taken lightly. But what if your family and friends find out about what you do? Before you start doing this, understand that it is possible they will find out even if you don’t want to tell them. People are all different and some family and friends handle the news better than others. Some are very supportive and some decide to cut all contact.

My advice on this topic is: Only cam if this is truly what makes you happy! Personally I have never felt more accomplished, independent and at peace with myself than now. Camming has been a very positive experience for me and it has allowed me to grow mentally, emotionally and financially. Everyone I have told so far has been very supportive of what I do, including friends, significant others (when I dated) and family. If they get on the way of your happiness and they decide to bring you down they probably are better staying away from you anyway. No one wants to be around negative people. They slow us down and they suck our energy.

5. Is camming really worth it?

You are the only one that can answer this. Everyone is different and not everyone is cut to be a camgirl. I hope reading some of the above information can give you better insight about the industry so that you can make informed decisions. All that matters in whatever you choose to do is that you end up being happy!



  1. Tigger_2014 says:

    *Claps slowly* One of the best things I’ve ever read. I once tried to talk to a struggling model about some of these things, and got ignored by her for months. (What did I know, I’m just a member!) Eventually she came around and realized I was trying to help.
    I hope others will share this. 🙂

  2. john doe says:


    1. artistisan says:

      John Doe, men are not allowed on cam on MFC and male/female sex is prohibited on camera…and any woman who sells pornography made away from MFC does so at their own risk and their own responsibility (Kick lays out the risks of doing that here.) Although the site tries to catch offenders who violate the rules, like every other business some slip through the cracks. Kicka writes it like it is as she has learned being on camera for years… with warnings and advice that is sorely needed in the business..

      I have been an entrepreneur for over 4 decades, have built over a dozen businesses and there are risks in every business when you own your own store. Whether you call this porn or not is semantics and not helpful at all..She fully warns and advises that this is not play time, it is serious business and if you don’t take it as such it is your fault when the results aren’t what you desire.

      What many like yourself fail to do is inquire and ask questions. Instead you criticize and pass judgment about businesses you know nothing about. You are not a woman and you will not face what a woman will if she becomes a camgirl?  

      So maybe my friend you are part of the problem instead of a contributor to the solution. I applaud Kicka for taking the time to put a comprehensive piece together that tries to help those who may or will become camgirls… Let us hope those who do will read the article above and think about this before they apply for a cam account.

      This is a forum, a place to learn and exchange ideas. It is not a place to complain and bash and belittle… Be a part of the solution, not a part of the problem.

    2. Pete says:

      You know nothing John Doe!
      So if you have cable or satellite TV, and you can watch porn on pay-per-view or on demand, does that make your living room an X-rated theater? Your logic is flawed and arguments invalid.

  3. arney2651 says:

    Another consideration is personal safety. If you are successful, the chance of being recognized increases. The chance of being stalked by a fan increases. Consider if you can live with the pressure of being a “celebrity” in a adult industry. Gather a group of good friends around you and be always prepared to call on them if you need them.

  4. Royce Stunkel says:

    Very good advice. I really feel a lot of models think this is the goose that lays the golden egg and that is not always true. Keep classy!

  5. kickazcams says:

    @john Not all models sell porn videos and not all mfc rooms have porn. You don’t have to agree with what I say but at least read the whole article before jumping into conclusions. I discussed different styles of camming in my article and would never put down the girls that decide to keep their rooms more pornographic in nature nor do I feel any shame. New models should know that they can do whatever they feel like on cam. I know one that just used mfc to chat, no sexy stuff at all and she still gets paid, Yes she is a cam model working on a cam site just as much as someone that decides to do cum shows is a cam model. They are both women, one is not better than the other based on how porny she is on cam but by what she has to offer as a person to me.

    @arney I agree with you! The more exposure someone gets the more are the chances of those things happening, but that doesn’t mean that it doesn’t happen to less popular models too.

  6. j'aime says:

    Hey this article should have existed before the site itself thanks for putting this up. Love You!

  7. Sveltana says:

    Hey Kickaz, these entries are really helpful, thank you for posting all these tricks to help new models like me. I just want to know one thing… when you will release the part of the series about self tipping your way to top 20? I am really interested in learning that from you.. and also the part about buying cheap traffic from porntubes to fill up your room and make it seem like there’s 1500 people interested in seeing you blow animal balloons, so you can score a spot in the “Most Popular Rooms” section and swell your room with premiums scratching their heads. I like how both of them are “2 birds one stone” strategies, not only do they help you climb to the top of that fantasy ladder you have in your imagination, but you also fuck up the competition in the process, you know, the other camgirls who don’t use these tricks of yours. Oh, by the way, you should ask Panzii and AmberCutie to become guest writers in this manual, since I am sure they also have fascinating insight into the black arts of being a “successful” camgirl.

    – Sveltana

    1. kickazcams says:

      You have a very skewed reality of camming my dear. Good luck!

      1. artistisan says:

        To the person who wants to be known as Svetlana.. I can tell you have not done much research on this subject nor have you ever talked to those who do support the models. I have read all the things you stated on other websites and blogs…none were ever fact checked.. no supporting evidence was ever produced..

        Let’s take one of them..
        tip yourself: really? you think they do this? OK lets take a look…. I spend 90 bucks and tip myself 90 dollars worth of tokens.. I will get 50 dollars back (models share is about 60 percent).. I just lost 40 dollars doing that.. what model in their right mind would do that? .. makes no sense? go to the horse track or a casino if you want to loose money…….

        Before you profess to know something, do some research and fact checking. Talk to models, talk to users and interview with the website owners like a real journalist does.. Oh that’s right you are not a journalist.. and you have no credentials… and by the way.. you made accusations… do I see any proof? any supporting evidence? Nooooo…of course not.

        Kick is trying to help other models be successful as do Amber Cutie and Panzii. I celebrate their efforts to help… not many people will help others… They work hard to be successful…..How do you help YOUR fellow man in a positive way..huh?

    2. Obvious says:

      Hey M,
      Bit jealous are we?

  8. Marisa says:

    I think Kicka is an amazing mentor to learn from in the cam world. I’m thankful to hear whatever she has to say.. I just started myself and find that being a “non nude” model is difficult to find the traffic. But, understand that it going to take time for a fan base of men who respect that everyone has different limits.
    I can only hope to be as successful as Kicka;-)) Classy and Beautiful.
    My question if you don’t mind sharing was to ask. How long you have been on MFC?

    1. kickazcams says:

      Thank you! 2 years in June

  9. Agreed, Kickaz earns every bit because she is not lazy in any way like most. I am a model on MFC and the majority of them are complete spoiled air heads. Kickaz is entertaining and original. Thanks for sharing what you do!

  10. robert says:

    “The Truth about this site is as follows:

    Most of the top models have special deals with MFC and do not work for tokens alone.

    The site is there primarily to Launder money for outside operations through diversified accounts.

    The site is also in some cases a front for Prostitution deals

    Models like KickAZ and Olivia are there to Launder money and also bait additional models in to the site with reverse psychology. Potential models see those two morons and think if these ugly chicks can make all that money than I will make a fortune.

    The traffic on MFC is very low. The activity on the site is enhanced by the site itself with fake premium accounts in the top girls rooms with automated chat feeds, run by algorithm or by admins who then tip the site salaried girls to create a herd mentality and competitive factor between the real premiums attempting to outdo the shills.”

    1. Paul (aka Greenjell0 @ mfc.) says:

      Rob, congrats on being a mediocre troll and a conspiracy theory moron.
      Here’s something to consider –

  11. kickazcams says:

    Do you have any proof from saying all this Robert?
    I have never had any special deals with anyone and all the members that visit my room are real people. There are people in the world that can appreciate art, personality and creativity, things which you may not have any understanding of, since you think just because I don’t get naked I don’t deserve my success.
    And the whole prostitution thing… lol MFC highly discourages prostitution. There’s also a part written in their rules about it.

    Lots of hugs (sounds like you need them),


  12. invisableone says:

    Hi. I used to cam but my partner won’t let me anymore. So Wrong. He is so wrong. Now all I do is watch you kickas. My life is so over now. I want to cam. By the way I am 56 and I really enjoyed my fans. Didn’t do hardcore. Just had fun.
    Keep on going you are great.

  13. invisableone says:

    Thanks life

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