May: The month of the new beginnings

May: The month of the new beginnings

The last 5 days were probably some of the most stressful days of this year. I had to do a lot of de-cluttering both in my filing cabinet and home but more importantly in my own head. I love the feeling you get when you get things done. A huge weight disappears from your shoulders and you can breathe better.
The weather here hasn’t quite cooperated but it is slowly getting warmer.
Maybe this may sound strange to some people but I decided to buy some Dahlia bulbs and planted them today to remind me to keep going, be productive and grow as a person. Summer is approaching, Life is beginning again and so is Kickaz.

I am hoping that May is another great month for all of us. I am still way behind with MFC tasks, but the last few days I have worked on how to implement new strategies to make me happier and my fans more connected with me.

I really feel blessed to have known you all and I hope that we can both continue to positively impact each others days, through jokes, games, smiles and laughs.

Stay classily pervy!!!!!!




  1. Artistisan isan says:

    It is always good to step back and take a look from another angle.. I have a doctor friend who has a 22 year medical practice and he always wanted his business to grow however he was unwilling to give up any control. He simply could not bring himself to trust others to tend to his business…He said that no one can do it like he can. He was right, no one could..he is the best I have seen in that profession….

    I reminded him that regardless of how unqualified or qualified others he may hire are, they will never reach the quality of service he requires of himself..However they will allow him to expand his business while accomplishing those annoying tasks that keep him from having the time to find new opportunities.

    We all want things done a certain way and since human beings are all different, we cannot expect others to do it exactly as we do it. We can however bring apprentices in and see how they react under certain conditions and make them earn more responsibility and trust. As they earn your trust you can in turn allow them more responsibility.. The key is to always keep the controls in your hands while you delegate to others.

    There is a requirement I insist on in my businesses. I never ask for help in an area I know nothing about from someone who knows less than me. They cannot possibly advise you… Always seek those with expertise in areas you need to learn about or know…

    Consider a round of golf. if you play someone who is better than you, you up your game to stay with that person but when you play with those worse than you, your score rises to embarrassing levels because those you are playing with do not give you that incentive to improve.

    Consider each move you contemplate, talk to experts to get worthy advise and then make sure you are doing what fits your requirements. Never over work yourself and always take time to rest and refresh…

  2. Bob Allen says:

    hey KICK this as well put as anythiong I have heard over my many years . I was a foreman in construction for some years and I had to learn to be able to trust my help to do the jobs I ask them to. That is a hard thing to do so yes you put it very well.

  3. Ted Moss says:

    Having been a successful business owner for many many years, I can tell you that the only constant in any business is change. If you want to continue to grow, you must continue to change and if you do so, ahead of the curve, your success will be maximized.

    However the risk is that you will take a few dips in success along the way. The key is to remain flexible in your approach and never marry one idea. If it works, continue the course but progressively. If it doesn’t work, don’t let your ego tie you to it.

    You are already special in your approach, but you can always grow. I know nothing of the cam art form but would love to see “a day in the life.” with continual commentary. Not public nudity but public experience, kind of like that youtube vid of the girl walking and be approached by the men down the street. Just a thought.

    Continued success.


  4. Hulkman says:

    Am so happy for you

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