How to make camscore work for you

A lot of myfreecams models seem to be concerned about camscore.

What is camscore?

A home page ranking system designed by myfreecams to rank models based on tokens earned over a period of 60 days. This number is relative to how many tokens the other models are making during that time also.

The average camscore is 1000 and every new model is given that number to start out. The mediam camscore is 600. This means half of the models on mfc have a score higher than 600 and half have a score lower than 600.

Why camscore has become less important over time?

Having a high camscore is important mostly when you are trying to attract new fans. Makes sense because it’s the default way of ranking models on the site and the higher on top you are the more people will see you. This is great but I find many models are letting camscore  stop them from showing their true potential.

First of all, there are other ways to get noticed on mfc.


  • Get members to add you as a friend: Friends are always shown in the personal menu and at the top of the model list.
  • Models You May Like: shows recommended models by default, ahead of the normal model list. (these models vary in camscore). This is a recent tool that the site has introduced and I believe it’s one of the most powerful ones.
  • Model Tags: not everyone searches with tags on  mfc, but some people use them and I have heard of models gaining new premiums through them.
  • Model Explorer allows members to find models based on shared interests.
  • Word of Mouth around the site and in the various Lounges and Member Rooms is very effective at getting models noticed.
  • Different Homepage sorting:  members can easily change their Model List Preferences to use a different sorting method besides CamScore.
  • Doing something cool in your room: If you want to attract new people you want to make an impression on them. Try to maintain a high energy and be entertaining on cam so that people will notice you. Sitting there begging for money is not being high energy and entertaining.

OK, so you have a low camscore (below 1000 or 600), not many people see you and you are not not feeling so good about camming.

How do you overcome this?

First of all, forget about camscore. Just stop thinking it even exists and focus on these things:

-Plan your shows: Before you go on cam write down what you want to be doing, Do not write things like: “I want to make bank” We all want to make bank but you need to have a concrete plan on how to do it.

  • Write down countdowns you will do (how much will you charge), plan your outfits on cam (this is important a. you have to show some variety in the way you look b. if you do countdowns to remove clothing items this will dictate how much money you will make. Plan out the games you will play and how much you will charge. Do this accordingly to how much traffic you get in your room and how much you think people are willing to spend on you. Don’t cut yourself short however, just because someone charges 10 tokens to fist her ass, doesn’t mean you should do it too.  Have a plan B: Yes sometimes games don’t work, countdowns don’t work, you need to be able to improvise and change things depending on how your audience feels that day. Write what your plan B will be. Maybe even a plan C, The more ideas you have and the more creative you get the more options you will have to make money.
  • Have a daily goal! NOT an hourly goal. I have hours that I can be on cam and make ZERO tokens and I am ok with that because camming doesn’t always have to be a sales pitch and you want to build a relationship with your room and your fans. Plus you want to enjoy what you do too and getting frustrated about how many tokens you make each minute would probably not make me want to cam again. Sometimes it’s nice to sit back and relax with your fans.
  • Invest in a good webcam, lights and internet. You are new or don’t have the exposure you want and you want to maximize this last one as much as possible. If your cam looks like crap and your sound is screeching members will not come back to see you no  matter what kind of show you put on. Ask members how it looks and sounds before each shift.
  • DO NOT talk about camscore to your room. Remember rule one was to make sure you know it’s not there. Worse don’t bitch at members if they aren’t tipping you and that your camscore will go down. It’s called a tip, you have to work for it and earn it, no one owes you any money. Plus there are thousands of other girls online so the more you bitch, the more reasons members have to leave and check out one of those other girls that isn’t so negative and doesn’t feel entitled to money.
  • In business you need to invest. Investing means that you have to sacrifice something today for it to bring results in the future. Your primary investment in camming is TIME! Yes the more you are on the more people will see you and notice you and the more fans you will gain. The hardest part is starting out. Consistently successful cam girls are the ones that dedicate their time. Dedicating your time means logging on almost everyday for more than 3h a day (minimum)
  • This point is a continuation of the previews one: try to be online for at least 3h min. It takes time for a room to get going and people to warm up to you and start tipping.
  • Do not sit there looking bored, mad or talk about negative things. Members are not your therapist to listen to your problems. Be engaging, you  don’t always have to talk, dance, get naked or do sexual things to be engaging. You just have to pay attention to your room.
  • Ok now you worked hard for a few months, things are going great, you have increased your fan base and you feel like you deserve some reward for it. Rewarding yourself is nice and necessary but do not take long times off the sites. Yes there are some top models that do this but they have been around for a long time and they have a strong fan base, plus even being a top model doesn’t mean anything. If you are not there for a long time people will leave and they will forget about you and you will have to start over again. Taking a 6 months to a year vacation and disappear off the site will likely kill all the hard work you have put into building your camgirl profile. Notice I didn’t say camscore (that’s right what does that even mean, camscore isn’t a thing remember)
  • Why I am telling you this? Because a rising tide lifts all boats. 



  1. bigozone says:

    read all your blogs at once. kinda of addictive, but i think that goes for everything in Kickland!!!

  2. Fantastic advice and something that I have learnt in the past couple of months.
    I am now logging in a couple times in the day to meet more/different members and give my self double the time to make my goal!
    Thank you Kickaz!

  3. J says:

    You’re awesome! Well written

  4. Aria Avianna says:

    I am new. 2 weeks new to MFC. Used to be a stripper which worked well for me. However, I am having a tough time getting started camming. This article helped. Thanks!!

  5. Jerseygal says:

    very very interesting and usefull blog.Congratulations and thank u kickaz!!!Jerseygal

  6. Gina_Love says:

    Hi 🙂 indeed very helpful advice and information but I’d like to add something to it. In model settings you can hide your camscore from being listed on your profile. This actually helps because sometimes members will check it out and then expect you to be “cheap” since your camscore is “just x”. Or they will say things like “look, u re not making any money here anyway, i ll make u this offer”. It s only your business how much money you make and it can always get better 🙂

    1. If you want to hide your camscore on MFCs, put this in your CSS (your profile customize page):

      #cam_score_container {

  7. lydia says:

    you kick ass gurl! lol such inspiration xx

  8. Rachael says:

    Thanks so much for the advice. My first day on MFC!

  9. Murry says:

    Love the quote at the end. You’re a gem!

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