Join the Kickland Experience

I would like to invite a fellow model to my house in Mexico for a weekend in May.

– Camscore does not matter however you must be a full time camgirl (work at least 40 h a month on average) and have cammed for at least 1 year.
– Must speak fluent English, however all countries and nationalities are welcome.
– NO DRUGS of any kind (no weed either). I drink alcohol in moderation, but I will not tolerate anyone that abuses it on or off cam while they are here.
– You must be social and friendly but treat camming as a business. This is not a vacation.
– There will be a professional artistic nude photoshoot together (paid by me).
The pictures will be used as an exclusive raffle prize (in both of our rooms).
The winner has the option to use it as a monthly raffle prize (ticket price chosen by both parties) in their room if they wish.
However the pictures cannot be sold or shared after the raffle is over.
– I cam for long hours and try to keep my energy up at all times while I’m on. You must do the same.
Also no texting on cam, no ignoring the room or begging/harassing the room for tokens.
– I would be happy to help you with any camming questions you may have.
– PRIVACY and RESPECT! Those are two things that I ask 100% of the time when I work with someone.
I do not ever share any personal information about any models I work with and I expect the same in return from you.
This includes location information, names, relationships or anything else that that person does not wish to share publicly.
– I do not do hardcore on cam (in public or in group) and I expect you to not do it while we are on cam together.
I do not have any problems with girls that choose to cam this way, however it would not work with my camming style while we are together.

– LOCATION/TRAVEL: You would need to fly to Mexico. I would be happy to pick you up from the airport and drop you off.
You are also welcome to stay at my house (I have a guest room with an en-suite) and you can bring a friend as long as they do not interfere with us while we cam.
The no drugs/privacy policy applies to them as well.
I do have a black lab so if you are allergic to dogs keep that in mind.
I will pay $300 towards your travel costs.

How do you apply:
– Send me an MFC mail from your model account with a brief bio about yourself, what you do on cam and what your goals are.
Also send me a link to your mfc profile and twitter (if you have one)
– You must agree with all the ‘Details’ section.
– Deadline to do this is Monday, March 21st midnight PST

How does the contest work:
– After the submission deadline I will choose 10 models to be displayed on my profile and twitter.
– Members can vote for you with a single tip of 88 tok on my account (must include the tip note ‘ vote for ‘model name’)
Must be in that format or the vote will not be calculated otherwise.
Online/offline/ninja/anon tips are all good as long as they say: (vote for ‘model name’)
– You must put the graphic on your profile, mention it in your topic and promote it on your social media during the voting period.
– Voting period: March 22nd- April 22nd Midnight PST
– Winner will be announced on April 23rd on my twitter.
– Tentative camming days: first weekend of may.

If you have any questions or concerns please contact me by mfc mail only (no dms, no forum messages)