The different types of members on Camsites

search-members   The fours years I have spent on Myfreecams I have probably came across millions of members. Some have been very interesting in both good and bad ways. Since MFC is one of the webcam sites that allows a lot of creativity and different styles of models it also attracts a lot of different types of viewers as well. I am sure other camsites have samples of the types of members I am about to discuss below as well.

This article is meant mostly as an entertainment read and I hope some of you will enjoy it.

1. The troll

fat-man-troll_fb_1048088The troll thinks of themselves as the internet “tough guy”. An Internet troll is someone who comes into a chat-room and posts comments designed to upset or disrupt the model or the members (most of the time the model). Usually there is no real purpose behind their comments except to upset others. Trolls love it when their ‘victim’ responds and gets visibly upset.

Canadian researchers* have found strong correlations to personality traits such as narcissism, psychopathy and sadism and trolling. If you are a model that gets trolled a lot the best policy is to completely ignore the troll. That is the most efficient way to get rid of them as they crave on you giving them attention.

2. The “BB” guy


“Hey BB” is a common term used on camsites. Apparently it means “hey baby”.

The “BB” guy is either too lazy or illiterate to type properly or English is not his first language and he thinks that this word is making him sound like he’s the shit in the room because he knows “da Engrish slang”

The “BB” guy in most cases views models as sex objects and expects them to bend over backwards and maybe shove five dildos in their ass for a tip of 10 tokens (That’s 50 cents to the model). If the model refuses to do what the “BB” guy asks she is all of a sudden a “worthless whore” and a “scammer” by his standards. Sometimes the “BB” guy uses the lounge to badmouth the “scammer” models and expects everyone else to agree with him.

Sometimes “BB” guys will not even tip, but become very disruptive when the model does not shove cucumbers up her vagina when other people have tipped her to show that they appreciate her. Funny thing is that those people that did tip the model never requested anything yet the “BB” is the one being “ripped off” from the model because he didn’t see a cum show or pussy for that tip. The “BB” guy is quite an interesting specimen in the camsite community.

3. The social guy


This is the guy that views MFC as a social platform and enjoys interacting with models and members. The thing that sets MFC apart from other sites and what gives it the highest earning potential is because it’s a social platform first then a sex site second. You may disagree with me on this, however from a business perspective it’s not the privates (wham bam thank you ma’am style) that generate the most income on MFC, it’s the tips! Tips would happen less frequently and in less amounts if it was all about sex.

Ok so let’s go back to the “social guy”; He is also referred to sometimes as the “regular”. He is pleasant, contributes to the conversation and comes on to socialize with the model and members alike. He tips when he can in the amounts he can to show appreciation for the model and the social community she has created. If he can’t tip he tries to help the model in other ways, maybe becoming a “room helper” or simply just adding to the social aspect of the room. Think of this environment like a group of friends in a PUB, just enjoying a night away from work and decompressing from everyday life problems.

4. The stalkerstalker-main_1405037a

The “stalker” usually starts out very nice and pleasant at first. Most people will not be able to tell just from the first few interactions about his stalking personality.

Fortunately, the percentage of stalkers on camsites is not very high and most people mean well and do not want to jeopardize the safety of the models. However even if 1% of the camsite users are stalkers (I’m just making this number up) and you have been viewed by 1000 people a day that is 10 potential people a day. Most of the busy cam rooms have a lot more traffic than that, increasing the chances of this happening. The “stalker” could frequent any room however, that’s why it’s important for all models to protect their identity online and be very careful about what they share on the internet.

The stalker shows very obsessive tendencies usually towards only one model. He will get jealous and controlling and try to find out personal details, especially where the model lives, legal name, relationship status. Once he has that he will post it on the internet for everyone to see because that’s his way to control and blackmail the model to her family and friends if she has not come out about her career choise. In rare cases he will confront the model in person but most don’t have the balls to go that far.

The National Institute of Justice in Washington conducted a national stalking victimization study in 2009**. Victims were asked what they thought motivated their stalkers to pursue them. Of 3,416,460 victims, 36.6% considered stalker motivations as “retaliation, anger or spite,” 32.9% replied “control,” and 23.4% said “mental illness or emotional instability.”

In reality, most stalkers do not suffer from hallucinations or delusions, although many do suffer from other forms of mental illness including major depression, substance abuse, and personality disorders such as antisocial (it’s not as simple as its name… google it), borderline, narcissistic or paranoid.

Another study called “A Study of Stalkers” Mullen et al.. (2000)*** identified five types of stalkers:

  • Rejected stalkers pursue their victims in order to reverse, correct, or avenge a rejection (usually when the model stops paying attention to them).
  • Resentful stalkers pursue a vendetta because of a sense of grievance against the victims – motivated mainly by the desire to frighten and distress the model.These are usually the guys that love to post personal information online.
  • Intimacy seekers seek to establish an intimate, loving relationship with their victim aka the model. Such stalkers often believe that the victim is a long-sought-after soul mate, and they were ‘meant’ to be together. This is a form of obsessive “love”
  • Incompetent suitors, despite poor social or courting skills, they have a fixation  or a sense of entitlement to an intimate relationship with those who have attracted their amorous interest.
  • Predatory stalkers spy on the victim in order to prepare and plan an attack in real life – often sexual – on the victim. These are the worst types but fortunately very rare.

5. The big tipper aka “whale”

depositphotos_35628265-whale-cartoonThe “whale” is usually a very successful guy that enjoys doing large tips in the room. In most cases, but not all cases the “whale” is very respectful towards the model and room, does not demand anything for their tips in return expect for mutual respect from the model.

Some “whales” are real life celebrities that get enjoyment watching webcam channels, some are very successful professionals or business owners.

Most “whales” are very private and mysterious and you don’t know when they will strike.

A subcategory of “whales” could be disruptive to the room and their main goal is to control the model with their money (for example… he gets jealous when you interact with others in the chat room because he deserves to get all the attention in the room, in fact he will tell you not to log in because you need to spend all day with him on skype, or maybe even meet him and have sex with him in real life… because he “tipped”).  Some may even rank themselves into debt because they are so obsessed with being seen as powerful and love the control. These types could turn out to also fall in the stalker category so models be aware.  My policy on these guys is: ZERO TOLERANCE.

6. The capper

The capper is the guy that dedicates all his life to recording web cam shows (capturing) or videos and pictures the models sell and uploading them on other sites for all to see. The capper sees himself as a provider of service to the community because they hate the fact that camgirls are able to make money. They usually view camming as “not a real job” and are often jealous of the financial success of models.

They usually almost never understand the “entertainment” factor of camsites and think that hardcore pornographic camgirls are doing their job right but rooms that focus on more social and artistic aspects are “scamming poor guys on the internet”. The effort the model puts to entertain their room has no value to them if she doesn’t take her clothes off all the time. Cappers will often get upset when another capper uploads content that they captured (none of the parties own any rights to the content) and often mention copyright rights to what they record. Talk about a bizarre world out there.

Some cappers have dedicated precious moments of their life to program automated scrips to automatically record models.

7. The fapper


The “Fapper” uses camsites almost exclusively for sexual gratification. They may or may not be a tipper. They are almost never “the whale” type.

The Fapper can use the public chat and not even sign up for an account, get his gratification then move on with his day. Sometimes they may tip a small amount to the model for a sexual request or pay for a private session or join a group show.

Some Fappers are into fetishes and usually like one on one attention in private from a model that can fulfill their sexual kinks. Although fetish models do cam on myfreecams, they are not a majority as the site primarily focuses on being  a social adult site. Most popular models won’t even accept privates anymore, but some fappers can still fap watching public masturbation shows so everyone is happy.

8. The silent guy

is-that-the-guy-who-plays-silent-bob-because-the-_40cf961b2c65effd216c53974883b697These guys usually sit in the room for a while and are not active for a period of time. They either leave your room on while doing other things in the house or just need some time to warm up to the room. The “silent” guy can become the “social” guy after some time when he feels comfortable with the room or even the “whale” guy if he likes something about the model and/or the room. I know some models ban/call out the “silent” guy in a negative way but I don’t think they are a negative aspect to the room. Worst that could happen is your room gets more viewers being pushed higher in the “most popular room” list.



  • *Buckels, Erin E., Paul D. Trapnell, and Delroy L. Paulhus. “Trolls just want to have fun.”Personality and Individual Differences67 (2014): 97-102.
  • **
  • *** Paul E. Mullen, Michele Pathé, Rosemary Purcell, and Geoffrey W. Stuart.“A Study of Stalkers”, Am J Psychiatry 156:1244–1249, August 1999.


  1. theteck says:

    Haha i like this post

    Im a social type power lol

  2. Philzefair says:

    Hey BB, I’m so fappy you understand me so well. We have such a strong connection I want to reveal your talent to the whole world. See caps here: (those are genuine kick ass caps, I swear).

    BTW what’s your real name and address?

    Hey why don’t you talk to me? you lazy bish!!!!!!

    Back to silence now……

    …. Great pervology essay, Dr. Kick Gordon. Your room is such a great social experiment. I’m a little sad trolls are getting rare lately. There was real talent in some of them.

  3. Good article, and i really want it to be 8 types of guys visiting, but i think you forgot 1.
    “the overspender” has to be a type of member too i think.
    Thats the guy who comes into a room, loves the model (and sometimes the room members too) and starts tipping way over his budget.
    You recognise him because he tips a lot and 3/4 months later, (when the bills come in) he dissapears as quick as he came into the room.
    Seen a lot of those guys in the years im on MFC, and offcourse its your own fault when you “overspend”,but beiing a degen myself i also feel for them sometimes.

    But great post, i liked reading it.

  4. Fascinating perspective Kick…thank you for expressing!

  5. artiste says:

    Always entertaining, extremely well presented and incredible insight. The sad fact is many of the people who occupy the negative aspects discussed either don’t realize they are those guys or think you are discussing someone else. Like an alcoholic who doesn’t admit alcoholism or a drug addict who spends most of their time looking for a fix and not realizing they have a problem, the negative types will never own up to their problems and instead get power from exerting their stinging style hidden safely from behind their computer. Most are harmless people or youngsters who would hide at the first site of actual human contact while a few do belong in the white rubber room without windows secured in a straight jacket…Wait! they might like that…

    Most of these camsites offer a wide variety of entertainment whether it be sexual or social. I prefer the social interaction with hundreds of people on a daily basis from around the world after I have dealt with my corner of the world in my businesses. .Local people I deal with every day are intelligent but kicks room gives me that worldwide perspective. All races, ages and ethnic types are represented. Many social regulars are professionals and business owners who find the entertainment and comradery aspect relaxing..Kick is our hostess with the “mostest.” She provides a very artistic view of her world. I have learned so very much how people live and think and view things from around the globe. Kick has given me a true panorama and perspective of countries I knew little about and an education about the world I will cherish forever. She does more to bring peoples from around the world together in friendship then most countries do. If we had more Kicka’s we would have less problems in the world.

    To be perfectly honest if I hadn’t discovered Kick I would have left MFC years ago. There are a few other models that are somewhat interesting but Kick is the whole package. Like the TV series Downton Abbey I simply can’t wait for the next episode.

    Bravo for a well thought out great article Kick 🙂

  6. AmyDay says:

    I love this post! So often I see cam models saying things such as “you don’t tip so leave” “im banning everyone who didn’t me”. I say let them perv! It helps with room count, keeping conversation going and some even help encourage (respectively) others to tip… to each their own i suppose…

  7. Jack Griffin says:

    You are an extraordinary woman. A lady with spectacular talents and great taste in music. I don’t have the money to tip you as I’d like and I have a real life but you seem like a person I could have a thousand great conversations with and explore any venue. I have just recently “discovered” you after some admitted reluctance which I am at a loss to explain. Great analysis. I think I am the social guy who sometimes overspends lol . You are consistently amazing

  8. Maleja_ says:

    As usual a very useful post , cam world is more or less like real world , i do love the way you write , thanks for sharing your experience with us .
    Happy days . You encourage me to keep going to keep growing .

  9. I love the article. I am one of the “Silent Guys” who takes time to warm up in the room before I get involved.

  10. I came across this article looking for my two videos I purchased. What a great artical. I’ve only been on MFCsite for a couple months and I believe I started out the Quite Guy but Looking to be the Social Guy . But because of my lack of computer skills (I’m still Learning) the chat goes so fast at times I find my comments being viewed Minutes later and sometimes the topic has changed, which makes my comments sound like I’m in my own little world that makes no sense. Therefore I am intertained by The Topic of Conversation, The Responses and The Model. I’m not the kind of guy who expects anything for free and because I enjoy good entertainment I sometimes can be The Overspender. Kickaz is a Awesome Entertainer, and Model. She Has Something Special About Her Personality That Just SHINES !! Whether She’s Serious or on Cam being Silly, KICKaz is PRICELESS

  11. Kind of member is not entirely really here. Only in bits from a couple of types mentioned. But I didn’t expect it to be anyway as it’s not the sort of place my type would really expected to be.

  12. My favourite models for socialising with left last yr but anyway no matter how hard they try to make MFC a social site it will always be associated with sex foremost because sex and controversy sells

  13. LoveFool says:

    This is quite a thoughtful article. I have been at MFC for quite sometime. I never felt it had an entertainment aspect to it, until I happened to catch one of your shows. That was one of the best things I have been at MFC, and I will always be thankful to you for that. Also, I must say that you have a great taste for music. Is there anyway to automatically display the tracks titles you are playing. Sometimes I hear something I like, but don’t know what is being played. Cheers!!

  14. Candy Edge says:

    Omg u are so FN funny the terms of the cam girls like omibod girls etc. I just found this forum or what ever it is sorry I’m old school 46 and I pray your health stays strong sweet lady. Best of luck

    1. Candy Edge says:

      Oops also ha e enjoyed watching you, and love how everyone is like a family in your chat room

  15. M&J says:

    I think this is a great post. I have to say the silent guy can also be the silent girl. I share an account with my husband but 99% of the time it is just me on and only to watch the girls. Being a shy girl I just kind of hung back, especially while learning the site. I also think it is really sad that models boot/ban for this. It intimidated me so much that I stick to the lounge and ninja tip. I love this post and even showed your Mexico post to my husband as we are looking for a change. Very well done!

  16. Terry says:

    I think if I did a Venn diagram of these categories, I’d fall in the overlap of social and whale. I don’t spend much time in rooms and I generally don’t make very large tips to any one model. I try to be respectful and courteous, but sometimes… well, often times, I get labeled as a “freeloader” because apparently if you enter a room with no tokens, say hello and then leave, it’s the equivalent of getting something for free. I don’t know why, but that’s been my experience. It doesn’t bother me as much now as it used to way back when. I certainly view cam sites more as a social platform than a sex platform. Just my two pesos.

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