The different types of models on camsites

bbkhnpdcmaajod9This article’s purpose is for entertainment only. If you are easily offended and can’t take a joke I suggest focusing your energy into something else that will make you less angry.

So after the “viewers discretion part” lets start discussing the various types of models that work on camsites. The types really cannot be limited to  what I am about to discuss below and there are so many overlaps between each type but since we are humans and we like to classify things let’s just give this a shot… just for the sake of fun.

1.The Milf

This refers to a sexually attractive female (someone that had children), usually several years older than the person using the term to describe them. Apparently the concept of MILF originated in 1967 in the comedy The Graduate (Mrs. Robinson), but the actual term was not used until the 1990s and then became popular in mainstream media in the movie American Pie. In 2002 a Washington state resident applied for a license reading “GOTMILF’ and got it, however due to a lot of uptight assholes complaining that probably suffered extreme sexual frustration, the plate had to be cancelled.

So either way, now we know the term MILF is not that old despite describing an older woman. The milfs on camsites usually are not into drama, seem happy with their sexuality and seem genuine about what they have to offer.

2. The entitled B**Ch

The entitled bitch  usually comes with a resting bitch face to go with it on the camera preview.  The phone is a very important tool of the entitled bitch and it will be used frequently in public view to show her room that she is not interested in anything they have to say except for anyone that tips her.

She feels that she is god’s gift to men and for this reason anyone merely looking at her (clothed or not) must empty all their wallets and bend over backwards to accommodate her needs and wants. She will usually ban people for no reason, bitch about not getting paid enough for looking at her phone and her favorite word to yell is “freeloaders” followed by the words “fuck you”

3. The girl next door

When people think of cammodels they probably think of us as some dolled up sex women that all look like porn stars and  are up for dirty sexual things all the time. Well guess what… Most camgirls are regular women. These are the women you would never think would be doing something considered so risque by regular society folks.

The girl next door usually has a very social room with regular members that all know each other and frequently come back for the conversation and fun. The girl next door can be sexual or non sexual in nature. The variety of girls next door goes from “I like to double penetrate myself with a ball gag and self spanks to completely non nude girls that do nothing sexual on cam) Non sexual camgirls ehh… who would have ever thought?

4. The “I hate all men”

This woman has probably had a bad past and gotten unlucky meeting a lot of men in the douchebag category. As a self protection mechanism she now refuses to trust people, especially men. Ironically she is comfortable penetrating herself in front of men and acting in various sexual roles for money to fulfill their needs but will refuse to build any emotional bond with them because they are all “assholes”

The social feel is less in these types of rooms and usually you see a lot of high numbers and very little chat. This cammodel may also overlap with the “entitled bitch” but they are not always the same kind.

5. The “nymphomaniac”

These are girls who are  genuinely very sexual in nature and like to explore their sexuality in front of others online. Their rooms are usually quite hardcore however you don’t feel the uprightness and entitlement of the “I hate all men” & “The entitled bitch” in their rooms. They usually but not always sell boy/ girl videos and masturbation videos.

6. The “I think men want sex so I’m gonna always act like I’m horny and show no emotion”

These girls are usually new to the industry and come with the idea that if they are not a sex object they will not make it in webcamming. They will not refuse any requests from guys despite some requests making them quite uncomfortable because they think they always have to keep their “customer” happy. These girls may have great personalities but are too afraid to show them because they think men will not be into anything that isn’t sex. Usually their sexual “acting” is not realistic and they burn out fast and leave the industry quick.

7. The possessed “OHMIBOD girl”

Talking about “acting”. The OHMIBOD has been such a wide spread toy in the webcamming industry that everyone and their grandma have used it (except for me and now I feel a bit left out). The ohmibod is a vibrator that girls put in their genitals that vibrates with the sound of tips. Usually the reactions are quite entertaining to watch and I have seen some girls act like they are playing a role in the exorcist. I do not have any experience with OHMIBOD so I don’t know 100% how good it feels, but I doubt someone will get 100 multiple orgasms from a 1 tokens yellow walls.

The newest trend now days is a pink toy with a string hanging out of the bagina. I am not sure what that is called but I think it has the same principle as the OHMIBOD.

8. The angry part timer

This is the girl that comes into webcamming with the idea that it will be easy money. Once she shows her “gorgeous face” to the world men from all over the world will dump thousands of dollars to her just because. She will work maybe once a week for 3 hours and complain she isn’t making any money. Then she will start blaming the “camscore system” for her failures and believe that people that are more successful than her just got “lucky” because there is no way she would admit that it was her lack of  hours or lack of trying. What job gets you rich or even pays your bills when you work 10-15h a month? If you know one let me know.

9. The genuine young girl

These types of cammodels usually get a lot of viewers and do fairly well if they have a personality to go with it. Most don’t have a lot of business experience and despite the high numbers they don’t capitalize as much as they should.

10. The gamer girl

The gamer girl as the name says likes video games. Her main focus is about games and nerdy things and she attracts the same type of crowd. Usually gamer girls broadcast on TWITCH as well as MFC. There is usually a lot of overlap with the “girl next door” but they are not always the same thing.

11. The “I will act young for money girl”

This girl could be a teen or even in her 30s or 40s (well maybe not 40s) but her focus is on guys that like the underage look. She knows that as well and she uses it to her advantage. Usually characteristics such as high pitched voice, fluffy toys in the background, school girl outfits and an overuse of the word “daddy” are typical. Personally this is not my cup of tea but as long as both parties are of legal age they aren’t hurting me in any way shape or form so I will not say anything else about it.

12. The workaholic

The workaholic has made camming into a real career/ business. If she is not on cam working she is offline shooting content, brainstorming ideas or sending packages to her fans. She usually does not worry about “the camscore system” and puts as many hours on cam as possible. Camming is a short term career which closes a lot of future opportunities so “the workaholic” is sacrificing  her non-cam social life in order to secure her future.

13. The “I will date you if you tip me” type

These girls capitalize on the fact that a lot of guys sometimes want some emotional connection more than the sexual connection. She will con people into thinking there is a chance to have a relationship with her if they give her more money. Once the guy runs out of money she will move on to the next tipper and not pay any more attention to the first person let alone keep her promise of dating them. I have seen real genuine relationships happen from MFC however be careful with who you fall for. If you stop tipping and all of a sudden your favorite model falls out of love with you she never loved you in the first place.

14. The porn star

The continuous decline in revenue of the porn industry has led some porn stars to try camming thinking it will be the same as porn. They are totally different things. Most when they join get huge numbers of viewers, however not all know how to entertain a crowd and once the novelty wears off they leave the site. Camming may have a sexual nature to it but if you are not a natural entertainer to keep people interested you will find it very hard to make it, despite  your looks.

15. The drama queen

She will do anything for attention. Negative, positive… as long as it’s attention she will take it. She will try to antagonize most models and then act like she is the victim and feed on drama. No matter how much she attacks people and tells them that they should “go die or kill themselves” she is always the victim. Usually she may get attention and tips for a short while but her allure will wear off and she will lose regulars faster than strippers lose  their underwear.

16. The one hit wonder

This girl has one or more fans that tip her a lot of money. She feels like she has it made in the webcamming industry. She has a room full of people chatting, having fun and tipping. She ranks high maybe even wins number 1. The community usually starts spreading conspiracy theories about her, especially if the tipping is done by one guy or if the model is in private the whole time.

Then she  disappears from the face of the internet  and when she is back she has no one in her room, no tipping, no chatting no fun… oops was a 4 month vacation too long…

Sometimes she may not even take time off and her room dies. The high tipper(s) leave and now she has to prove that she will have to draw people by working hard to become her fans. Luck only lasts so long.



  1. Chilly3D says:

    Interesting write-up, Kick . . . but not Model Whales?

  2. Philzefair says:

    What?? You’re a regular woman?

    Nah! I won’t fall for it. You’re a talented artist and hardworking full-time entertainer.

    You’ve proven over the years that you can keep bringing original ideas and maintain a large community of wonderful people who enjoy your room as much for the atmosphere as for the nice lady in charge.
    Keep the good work.

  3. allen1736 says:

    i loved your article don’t quit doing them

  4. pires says:

    Thanks Kickaz! 🙂

  5. Nanna says:

    So true and so funny. Needless to say, observations and great read.

  6. LOL. Probably the most offensive thing on this page is the use of Gen Wilder’s image on this porn site and probably his relatives might find it offensive. As for different model types there are also a lot of models that also use a lot of the techniques of the different model types mentioned.

    For instance Dating a model and selling ridiculous objects. The Dating a model I can never understand how members think there actually going on a date. `It’s a business contract much like and escort of a professional sex worker it’s not a date and more than likely be nothing to do with leading to sex. Personally I couldn’t think of date more uncomfortable then dating Cam model. It just wouldn’t feal natural like a real date and you would always have to worry what you said and stipulating the date guidelines in the date business contract.

    The best type of models I have found on here are ones that have been able to make a ridiculously good income on here while still having a life outside MFC. One such model left MFC last year. I miss her I hope she’s doing well and maybe she got that bar in Califonia.

    Coming from an arts background and a school of hard knocks I also find models whith artistic talents interesting and sometimes I’ve found models on here that I feal really are in the wrong place. Especially ones talented in singing and with musical instruments. So I try to direct them to other sites whare they can use there gifted talents and have been successful ocassionaly.

    I have noticed a model type in rooms whare the model not only try’s to control what you can or can’t say she forbids you from talking about or mentioning other models. The entrapper can also get upset and not like it if you go to other model rooms to the point whare she might even ban you from her room.

    I have only come across a few of these. Probably the most unique one would of had to have been Olivia. Olivia was so multi skilled and her engineering skills were awesome. She was an technology wiz with sound, video, computers. Olivia was great at theatrical ideas, thinking up games and ideas on the spot. She was very spontaneous, witty, funny. Sometimes Olivia would pick up ideas just from something a member said in her room. She was funny, witty and her room was really something else different to any other.

    One thing Olivia and her regulars would do which was very unique was “MODEL BOMBING”. But granted only a model earning shitloads of money could do this and Olivia was but there are a hell of a lot of other models on MFC earning way more than people in regular jobs that could also do this occasionally to help out models just starting out. Olivia would out of the blue choose a model without the model knowing to bomb and then put out a request to her room to go to the models room and start model bombing thousands of tokens. It was amazing.

    The Other great thing about Olivia was she didn’t let MFC rule her life. She knew how to make the best of her time while on MFC and still got to see a lot of the world in the process. I miss her but at least she went out on good terms. Who knows maybe she got that bar she was talking about.

    Another model I found unique was Alice. I occasionally encouraged to leave MFC because of her talent and it looks like maybe she finally has. Alice had a beautiful voice and was gifted at playing the piano / keyboards. “I hope she is going further with those talents and that Tori Amos will be her support act one day”.

    There’s also another one very talented but I don’t venture to her room anymore for reasons beyond my control but that’s another story beyond my control but she’s doing well. A matter fact very well.

  9. Dennis Nix says:

    Hi Kick…..I have never read such an interesting article on cam girls and put into the words that are so very real. You my dear are extremely talented as I had told you maybe 2-3 years ago which I’m sure you don’t remember. I had told you that I would love to help you get a position with Walt Disney in California. Right after that the USMC deployed me to Syria. But your description of all of the types of girls are right on the money. Where do you get time to visit there rooms to obtain all of this information? I hate to admit it but I fell into your number (13). About a year and a half. I just can’t believe I was so stupid to fall for all of the her BS. But again Kick you are one fantastic lady and you do deserve what ever money you make as you work extremely hard and all of the things you come up with are so very entertaining. I do wish I could tip you when I come in to see you but it’s difficult on a military salary. That’s one reason I don’t come to often….Kinda embarrassing. Well I’m back again from Syria and will be discharged from the USMC in 2 weeks. And I’m still alive…WOW>>>Praise God. Stay well Kick…………….

    1. walruz73 says:

      Thank You for your service Sir.
      Kick is one of only 4 Rooms I visit (depends on time of day).
      All 4 are the same for me. It’s a social gathering with 4 extremely sexy, talented ladies; they would all be considered #3 Girl Next Door types. I am going through a very difficult time in my life and the camaraderie in each of these rooms has been a big help since I signed on 2 months ago. Thanks Kickaz

    2. Polly says:


      1. Dennis says:

        Just curious Polly…..Why am I an idiot????

  10. JuJus says:

    You left out a major category- “mediocre white girl.” For clarity, see Top 20 any given month.

    1. Suggesting people get a $2,500 loan just to get Kick #! last year was down right criminal considering the ridiculously huge amount of money she earns or are you getting a commission. Kick earned nearly 1 million last year and the same the year before. “And for the as for the top twenty models they are still earning anything from $20,000 to $200,000 a month depending whare there ranked in the top twenty.

  11. Polly says:

    Then there is the manipulator. Instead of stripping, she runs a game show. If “We” can get some more tips I’ll move up! Attracts obese invalids in wheelchairs who only dream of having sex. Since she does not provide erotic entertainment, they think they are part of a “Special group.” Perhaps the most insidious of performers. Sucking Mexican dick and laughing at the idiots.

    1. kickazcams says:

      Hahah Polly’s comment made me laugh. Maybe one day you will grow up and realize that men are not always thinking with balls and dicks and they may genuinely enjoy something that is not always sexual.

      1. For fuck sake Kick I’m pretty shore Burlesque and striptease is sexual.

    2. Polly Kick is a cross between a manipulator, a control freak and a person that puts on a false persona for financial gain. If most people in her room new what she really earns with the false persona she puts on here room most cams models are hard done by and work hard they wouldn’t go to her room. She’s earned around 3 million dollars in four years own her own house travels then claims she has non life threatening tumour but can’t find the time and doesn’t want to spend the money to get it removed.

  12. Polly Kick is a cross between a manipulator, a control freak and a person that puts on a false persona for financial gain. If most people in her room new what she really earns with the false persona she puts on here room most cams models are hard done by and work hard they wouldn’t go to her room. She’s earned around 3 million dollars in four years own her own house travels then claims she has non life threatening tumour but can’t find the time and doesn’t want to spend the money to get it removed.

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