How dare a human have an opinion that isn’t the same as mine!

Ever heard of people that have analytical minds. They think… I happen to think about a lot of things as you probably do as well. My life in the last four years was dedicated to mainly one thing… My career! That career happened to be webcamming…Weird ehh…

My mind happens to think mostly 90% of the time about webcamming. I am fascinated by the analytics behind it. It’s a really interesting industry and there are a lot of elements that make camming captivating.

One day I happened to share one of my thoughts on social media. Yes I happen to have formed thoughts about something that I have done constantly for over 4 years. How weird is that…

This was what I wrote. It was intended as a personal opinion and nothing more, however to my surprise a lot of people seemed to be offended by it.


Also to my surprise no one bothered to ask why I thought a certain way about the “pay” for pms topic, but jumped to conclusions that since I am talking about lower traffic rooms I must automatically put them down. This was absolutely not the case and I would like to explain why somewhere in this article.

It’s okay to disagree with the thoughts or opinions expressed by other people. That doesn’t give you the right to deny any sense they might make. Nor does it give you a right to accuse someone of poorly expressing their beliefs just because you don’t like what they are saying. Sometimes this means overcoming your pride and opening your mind beyond what is comfortable.

Let me tell you why I think offering the “pay to talk to me” is hurting a model more than is helping her and why this impacts lower traffic rooms more than the high traffic ones. It has nothing to do with putting down the lower models. It boils down to simple business analytics.

The one thing that all successful rooms have in common on MFC is community and a fun chat room where people chat and keep the energy flowing. This often promotes tipping. If you happen to work on a private base site, please ignore this but this is strictly my view point on MFC.

Newer or lower traffic models have to work a lot harder because they are working on building this community. You want to give people incentives to chat IN THE ROOM, not steal your attention away from it. If you allow someone to pay for your attention this is what messages you are giving:

  • Objectifying members: “I don’t want to chat with you but if you pay me I will pretend to like you and pay you attention”
  • Objectifying yourself: “I am the member that payed you 200 tokens to chat with you and you must pay attention to me all the time… Because I PAID “

Deep down every human being wants to feel appreciated. If you are a model you want to feel like someone is tipping you to show that they like what you do and if you are a member you would hope that a model would at least be somewhat respectful and genuine to you, and not like you only because you tip her and nothing else. At the end of the day we are still humans interacting with other humans.

  • Giving the wrong impression to potential new people: If you allow members to steal your attention away for “pay” you may end up with quite a few people that want that on a regular basis. This is going to make it hard for you to shine in the room and captivate the attention of potential new tippers.
  • Attracting the wrong type of members: A lot of the comments I saw to my initial tweet talked about people on pm usually talking about negative things. The models often said that they don’t like these people. Now by putting in the topic “pay me to talk to you” you are attracting those people.
  • Giving up control: When you are a new camgirl a lot of people will try to take advantage of you. When you are a not so new camgirl a lot of people will try to take advantage of you. Even when you are not even a camgirl people will try to take advantage of you. This is the reason why having control is important in keeping your sanity and happiness intact. When someone pays you to chat… where do they draw the line… What if they expect you to pay attention to them all the time and become passive aggressive (often by tipping you with passive aggressive tip notes) to make you feel bad about focusing on the room. This stops you from growing your business. This stops you from gaining new fans… and depending on how passive aggressive the comments get, it stops you from enjoying yourself while you cam.

NOTE: Some people took that as Open PMs for all. This will really drive you nuts and I do not recommend it. I just think it’s better to chat to people that you enjoy chatting with. It will make you and your room happier at the end of the day and you will weed out the rude people that will  try to kill your mojo. 



  1. Peredechat says:

    Well put Kick 🍻👍

  2. walterm35 says:

    Your comments are right on. Always enjoy your blog if that is what this is.

  3. manufan1953 says:

    well written, kick. you are spot on. i notice some models just ignore you or belittle your 10 token tip as “thanks for the 4 cents buddy” instead of appreciating the tip. other models spread their legs for nothing with no emotional connection with their audience. its just a job to them instead of interrelating to them as you do. thats why i appreciate you and your classiness and always look forward to your smile, burping and silliness. keep it up kick.

  4. Michael Lerch says:

    Interesting analytical ” definiing” a new phenomena..maybe some day U should explore that threesome relationship,,You, The Regulars and The New Roomie (s)..??

  5. SadLittleKing says:

    I think charging for a friend add is not a bad idea. That allows them to send the model pms but it doesnt force her to give that person loads of attention. Being a good regular is what gets you attention, the friend add just gets you a foot in the door. Thats my humble opinion anyway

  6. Emily says:

    The thing is not what you said or that you don’t have the right on your own opinion.the thing is about HOW you said this. You could have said something like “Hey girls, i have a tip for you. If you interested you can listen”, but instead of this you just said that all the gilrs,who charge for PM’s are “stupid” and its not right in any way to do that. If you don’t charge for PM it doesn’t mean, that everyone else must do as you, 95% of the top models on MFC do charge for PM’s and it works for them and many other girls too.

    1. kickazcams says:

      Where did I exactly use the word “stupid”. I explained my point why I thought it was detrimental for lower girls in particular. If you disagree it’s ok but don’t make up words I never used.

      1. Emily says:

        I put this word in quotes,it means that you did’nt say this straight,but you put this meaning in it. How can girls take it in other way? You have the right to do what you want in your room, you have the right to give tips to other girls if you want. But why to say your opinion is such a categorical tone? You wrote “I don’t get how they blabla””- If it was so so bad and models were suffering from this,i think they wouldn’t have done it anymore. But it works for some models and they use this option for years. We are all different

      2. Emily says:

        I just say that we all need to be more polite in our point. And not to be so categorical about other people way of work

      3. Well that’s calling the kettle black. Because the point is you didn’t explain why you thought it was detrimental to lower “ranked girls” in your original tweet. I also pretty shore I witnessed a regular and yourself accuse someone else of saying something they never said as well.

    2. Most High ranking models forget where they started and don’t have the time of day for low ranked models. And regulars that stay long enough virtually become yes men/women to the point where they might not even be able to express there real opinion even if they don’t like something. Otherwise they can get banned so it’s not always healthy to be a regular in a high ranking room.

      When you boil it down in a nut shell upon reading the article Kicks just trying to turn the response around to more marketing for her room.

  7. mike berry says:

    you can take a horse to water – you know i got to be pretty successful in my line of work because i thought if i sort of copy what successful people/companies did I might do ok. whenever anyone says to me on MFC how can i improve my numbers what is the best advice – “go see what successful girls do” i give them 5 girls to go see includes Yourself Kick – still refreshing after all these years – MC5LivesOn

  8. So many models tried to copy things Olivia done when she left Mike Berry, including Kick but none of them could emulate her. Some models are just unique and a model trying to do what other models do might gain a some success but when it come to models as unique as Olivia and there are a few unique ones, it’s not going to be possible.

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