Facts without fiction

I have seen a lot of serious allegations made against me that supposedly I have not paid a certain model I used to work with over 3 years ago. First of all I am truly shocked to hear this after all this time and I do not understand where this even came from in the first place.

I will try my best to recall all the events and try to use an objective point of view to the best of my abilities.
This model that does not cam anymore worked with me in October/ November 2013. She stayed at my house for 7 days and I offered to cover all accommodations, food and rides to and from the airport. I gave her the option to stay in a hotel if that made her more comfortable also but she decided to stay at my house.

From the moment we met there was something not right. She volunteered personal information of models that she had worked with in the UK, including legal names, locations where they lived and their marital status. Also spoke badly of them and said they were very annoying to work with.

RED FLAG 1!! This is the golden rule of camming. No matter how much you dislike a model you never offer to share personal information about them because it may put their life in danger, especially since this conversation was 100% unprovoked. I tried to stay as calm as possible and tried to switch the conversation to a neutral topic because it was making me uncomfortable to hear.

The agreement was that we would work 3 days on my account and 4 days on hers (one extra day). That was easier because we didn’t have to deal with cash, conversion rates and tax complications. She agreed!lights-adreena

The first three days on my account she seemed disinterested and kept running offcam to talk/ text on her phone quite often. I thought maybe she was still a bit jet lag and since she was new to camming overall she just needed some time to warm up. She kept complaining she was tired and she had a headache.

After the first 3 days were over it was time to work on her account. During this time she kept complaining even more how she was so tired and couldn’t sleep. The times we were broadcasting she was very disinterested from the room. Remarks were made by the viewers that she needs to participate more. I take huge pride in my work and I did not want the room to lack the good atmosphere so I started selling my own galleries and videos to help her, since she didn’t have any content for sale. After I see her just sitting back in the chair in the corner I cut the feed of the camera and asked her politely that we needed to talk.

We went downstairs and I mentioned that I could not do this on my own and I needed it to be teamwork to make tokens (which she was keeping all btw) She agreed to try and participate more. I took out a piece of paper and wrote down ideas for us to do on cam with the amounts of tokens we would do but there still wasn’t much input from her.

I  also offered to shoot her a gallery which she could sell on her own. During the shoot time she kept complaining that she felt “too fat and ugly” and it was hard for her to do this and wasn’t enjoying it. I politely reminded her that she was great and we could make this work. It was very hard to deal with the constant complaining and nagging but I had to make this work because I did not want my fans to think that we had a problem. I want my room (even when I broadcast in other’s accounts) to be about positive things, not how this other camgirl I had met wasn’t pulling in her share. I talked nicely about her to them and I genuinely wanted her to be successful.

The days went by and she kept saying that she was too “tired” to go on cam and I should just go on her cam on my own because I know what to do. I am sorry but I do not work that way! I felt really disrespected and unappreciated and at this point I decided not to offer my galleries for sale on her account anymore. She didn’t know what to do on cam so she just logged off. On top of that…let’s call him a male “friend” kept communicating with her on her phone and said something along the lines of “why isn’t kickaz on cam, tell kickaz to go on” This is beyond disrespectful but I still kept my calm and told her that I did not want to hear anymore about what this “friend” is texting her and the business was between me and her.

Again I never lost my temper with her and tried to handle everything professionally.  As for how much we made. She already posted the totals on her twitter. The first 4 days of the month is the days we worked together.

After she left to the UK we were still talking in a civil matter to each other and I let her raffle one of my exclusive galleries of us together for ONE MONTH ( I was the photographer so by default I owned the rights to the pictures).


Time went by and there was no conflict anymore at least that’s what I thought. She sent me a nice email in July, 2016.


One day out of the blue in 2016 I saw derogatory tweets about me saying how she was giving my nude content away to everyone that was interested. I was also blocked from viewing this tweets so I could not reply. I decided to not get involved and moved on despite being very shocked and confused about her behavior.

I decided to write this because I want to stop being associated with this person and most importantly I want to not deal with people coming at me with accusations. I just want to give the facts for everyone to see and move on. I do not wish her bad things. It sounds like she’s not in a happy place in her life and I hope whatever issue is bothering her in her mind gets better.



  1. Ron says:

    Some people just are never happy with any help given them thats life live and learn

  2. russtx says:

    I hope you get beyond this quickly. I judge people in the way that they treat me. Which has always been excellant and I hope I have treated you the same. The best for kickaz and all kicklanders.

  3. Charles Veneziano says:

    Hi Kick, Sorry that you are having this kind of a problem. I have been watching you for over 4 years and have enjoyed your room on MFC. You have been a very professional entertainer with your body painting, conversations, also you always have great music playing. Your audience always response positive. I look forward to seeing you again.

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