“Please read carefully” yet not many people know how to read

Have you ever encountered someone in your life or someone who knows and who willingly destroys and tries to ruin someones reputation by spreading lies, rumors and things that are not true about someone? There is a difference between knowing somebody and hearing about somebody, or worse hearing it on social media.

“Rumors are carried by haters, spread by fools and accepted by idiots” unknown

I did not intend to write a blog tonight, but because I cannot quite comprehend where people are coming from with all this hate I would like to find the source of this and present you with the FACTS!







I don’t know who these people are but apparently they believe that I am “whorephobic, douchebag and I deserve to suffer in pain”. Ok thank you for making your opinion known but we live in a democracy so you can say whatever thoughts come out of your brain but no one has ever stated the reason why you are attacking me. Maybe I have missed something somewhere that I was not aware of. Let’s dig a bit deeper…

steph bitch12ha slow

So this seems to be where all this madness originated. This woman that I have never spoken to in my life seems to be in distress that her room is not “talking to her’ enough for having that many people in her room. In camgirl language this translates to “I’m not getting enough tips from you fuckers” so I will lash out and be emotional and focus on someone else that wasn’t the reason for my lack of success, however since she is successful every month it reminds me of my failures so I will try to pull her down and destroy her reputation. However I will not tag her or mention her name because I do not have FACTS to support my statement.

Haters are people who think they know the route to success, but they never actually get in the plane to fly themselves there.

Lets go back a few days and see the tweet that she completely misunderstood and then many others perpetuated the hate that had nothing to do with them:


This apparently inspired her emotional instability. I was responding to a guy that thought women’s value relies in the fact that they show their nipples. If you agree with this guy… well I feel sorry for you. I don’t care if you are a hardcore model, or you show your breast or sexual organs. If it empowers you go for it, but to claim that women’s only talent relies only on that is PATHETIC! If you have a brain and you are a woman that feels empowered by nudity you would agree with me as well. The funny part was that some of the models that favorited my tweet when I called this troll out were the same ones that perpetuated the hateful tweets.

I realize I am a non explicit model on MFC so it may seem weird coming from me however just like you have the right to show your body in full glory I have the right to show my own the way I want to.

I don’t believe the women that get nude on MFC are any better or worse than me but because I have a niche which has less competition and I enjoy the tease so that is how I hustle. Most girls get naked. GOOD FOR THEM! When I started MFC I joined to fap and it was great. I was getting over a relationship and I just wanted to show my body in all my glory because it made me feel good so why the hell would I be putting down women that do hardcore on camming sites or anywhere else. If you ever find any proof where I have put people down for simply being more naked or more hardcore than me, please show me!

I am NOT BETTER just DIFFERENT! I still get nude when I feel like it but it’s not the focus on my shows. If my business decision offends you then you have issues you need to address and me being less hardcore than you is not the issue.

“People getting angry over stuff they don’t understand – Twitter in a nutshell” Juke




  1. bozcoe says:

    these haters should understand the sunshine you bring into so many lives with your positive…happy attitude..

  2. djr says:

    dont pay attention to those twitter losers. you are my champion. you are a performance artist . class personified. you make your fans smile and enjoy themselves. you make a lousy boring work every day better because it is fun being on your site. keep up the great work kick

  3. Peredechat says:

    I guess some girls find it easier to stir up a fake controversy than it is to come up with something fresh to do in their own chatrooms. They respond to a lack of creativity by blaming others – “why u guys don’t chat?” “did you see what “X” (fill in the blank here and pick an easy target) said about me – that @$%^@$%^@$%!!!” Most of the models use a poor business model to begin with – instead of engaging their rooms with social intercourse, they take the easy way out and appeal to the baser instincts of their viewers. Because who wants guys who keep coming back night after night to be a part of something?

  4. Curtis says:

    Don’t forget that humans by and far are mostly stupid, they may have seen your tweet and took it seriously, completely ignoring what prompted you to even say it, and of course other people like to jump on the band wagon.

  5. walterm35 says:

    You go girl. Let the tease live on.

  6. J says:

    Well written

  7. J says:

    Legit question:
    When and why do you decide to respond to nonsense?

    It is like fast food

    Tastes to good when you are mindlessly consuming it but it always ends up being a lose-lose ending.

    #very talented

  8. Graham Cox says:

    Here in Australia we call this the tall poppy syndrome where people try to bring down people who make a success of their lives because of jealousy . Maybe this is a backhand compliment to your success that you could do without. You have an unique talent of being able to entertain and relate to the visitors to your cam site through your communication skills , natural beauty and knowing that men like to be teased. Good on you for doing things your way and your financial success is only due to the hard work you put in combined with your amazing talents. You brighten up a lot of peoples lives so keep doing what you are doing and enjoy the recognition you receive. .

  9. krazzzygurl says:

    Kick…I too have saw a certain model run her mouth about you in her room time and time again. Ive always knew its from pure jealousy because you are awesome, and you have what she wants. I have always stuck up for you and even got banned once LOL oh well, im not heartbroken. You do you..and remember to be happy and enjoy all of your followers and friends on here. You go girl and please keep doing what you’re doing, because you have EARNED THIS, and because IT WORKS! Cover your eyes to the haters..they mean nothing really. kICK ASS GIRL! 🙂 *forever a fan*

  10. RayOfLite says:

    My most memorable moments from webcams has been of you with your art and fitness programs. The best of which was of you dancing to Bolero in a princess’s belly dance outfit, some three years ago when I was a guest/non payer-someone tipped you huge for that dance. Lady you should be in Hollywood, you are a star and maybe a nobel prize for peace should be on its way-you thrill so many people you don’t even know of, making people happy all over the world. Forget the couple of loosers that lost their brain on the way.

  11. If you look at Geisha, you will find that they are hostesses that keep music, games, and drinks going to facilitate a good time. That is exactly what you do. You tease a little bit, you dance a little bit, play games, your personality carries the room. You have nights that you display your talents and lead discussions on topics… You have bad nights too where you don’t feel like doing some things so you hostess the room a different way. You are so good at that because you honed in on what works for your audience. Which is what guys have responded to for as long as there have been women. It’s not about sex its about having fun. It’s about the moment of playing a game and winning a ticket. Being teased a little bit when the ticket goes into your bra. Watching your paint yourself.

    You are actually being yourself, making friends with your audience. Its about your personality and letting us have fun with you. We are included in the games to freeze you, unfreeze you, doing squats… that’s fun because you make it fun. I have been in rooms with women that are not putting themselves into the room and not having fun. It seems like the girl isn’t having fun. They seem like they are the girl working at a fast food restaurant taking your order, bored as hell and hating their lives as they receive the tip requirement to remove clothing and dildo themselves. These are the women that blame the guys that don’t tip and don’t chat. The vibe (no pun) is all wrong and it’s off putting. I don’t want to be screeched at because no one is tipping. If someone is constantly complaining about their life, which don’t get me wrong sometimes things happen and need to be discussed. If someone is having a difficult time yeah… but non stop bitching and complaining about tips, people not chatting and life in general. Bitching about drama between cam girls non stop. A shrieking harpy voice that grates on my soul… constant whining. That’s a mood killer. If they are in life as they on cam I have no doubt things are difficult for them.

    “For every beautiful woman you see, there is a man that’s sick of her shit.” I believe that to a large degree. That is why I believe you are so popular and successful. Because you are the woman that every guy wants. You are easy going about things. You can handle yourself and your problems. You don’t bitch whine or nag. If you need to cry you cry. If you need to vent, you vent. You have your moments. You are a solutions girl not a problems girl. You allow yourself to be cheered up. You seem to really enjoy your job and you enjoy the guys in your room. It goes back to what I said before about having fun and feeling included. Your room is your happy place because you made it a happy place. You should write book about it. Other girls should take notes.

    1. RayOfLite says:

      so correct–girls just want to have fun and guys are there to assist if needed

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