6 Myths about webcamming

1. Webcamming is easy money

If there was such thing as easy money we would all be rich overnight. If you are one of those girls that thinks… “oh I am attractive, I can go turn my cam on and the money will just roll… because I’m HOT everyone wants to see me naked”. Being “hot” has very little to do with the money you make on camming, especially on myfreecams. I have seen extremely attractive women on the site that were not able to get a single tip in hours. Also you realize the site is full of “hot naked women” so just turning your camera on will most likely not make you the “easy money” everyone talks about.

It’s like saying I will shoot a video and upload it on youtube and then be famous overnight. I am using this analogy because most people are familiar with youtube. We all know there is so much more to it than that. I realize youtube is so much more saturated than webcamming, however the top  performers on both sides are the ones that put in EFFORT, are CONSISTENT and they keep their content INTERESTING and DIFFERENT and ENGAGE with their audience. Also even if you do all those you may not make it.  However because the camming industry is not as saturated yet, chances are if you do all those every day, every week, every month and for years you will see some results.

Fact: My first day of camming I made a total of $4.00.

2. Being a camgirl is the first step into making it big into porn because porn is where the real money is.

Porn revenue has been in the decline and the perception that porn stars make the big bucks is probably even more flawed than the first myth about camming being easy money. How many people do you know that pay for porn anymore? I personally don’t know that many.  The internet (Piracy, tube sites and yes camming) has taken away the prestige porn used to have decades ago where buying DVD’s and magazines were the only way to access it.

The below figures were given by Steven Hirsch, owner of Vivid, one of the biggest adult entertainment studios.  (source  CNBC.com)

Talent Salary
Female performer, man/woman scene $300-$1,500
Female performer, all-woman scene $700-$1,200
Male Performer $500-$1,500
Director $1,000-$3,000
Cameraperson $500-$700
Sound Technician $300-$400
Production Assistant $100-$250
Writers $250-$400
Still photographers $500
Makeup artists $500

You have to keep in mind that you don’t have the option to shoot scenes everyday so your total income is limited also porn is an industry that regularly chews up and spits out performers. Many quit after just one scene or after a few months. Some stick around for a few years, but then disappear. In my opinion the cons of porn are a lot harder to deal with than webcamming.

  • Less privacy  (your face and body parts are everywhere on the internet to see), chances of being recognized are much bigger. We all know how people love to harass women that are open enough with their sexuality to film it on camera.
  • Bigger exposure to STDS (yes porn stars need to get checked regularly but there is no 100% guarantee that you will not catch something). If you cam solo chances of catching something from just camming are ZERO!
  • More physically demanding (I have never done porn but I assume it must be exhausting to perform for hours holding certain positions and still make them look good on camera). In webcamming you can still make money without even showing your genitals of taking your clothes off. It’s not superior from a moralistic stand point, but physically you have the freedom to and that ROCKS!
  • You have to travel (most porn is shot on location so prepare to book flights and hotels which costs extra money and not to mention the stress of travel and time wasted). Your commute to your webcam station is as short as 2 steps or maybe if you have a dedicated room, a few feet away. Also it costs nothing!
  • Less money in porn (if those numbers above seem like a lot to you the top 100 camgirls make over $15,000 a month. You are not limited how many scenes you can shoot and the sky is the limit if you dedicate hours for months in a row on cam backed up with strategic planning. Top 500 camgirls make $6000 or more a month. That is roughly $72,000 a year. Next time a top 500 camgirl complains she can’t pay her bills keep in mind she’s making the same as a skilled engineer (without the student loans). If top 500 seems like a very hard goal for you keep in mind that the average girl works around 30h/month. Yes in a MONTH! If you can manage to do a min of 80-100h a month, have a good camera, stable internet and don’t look at your phone showing your best resting bitch face to your viewers you can do top 500 or better. Most girls are foreign as well and their English is limited which means that if you are an excellent conversationalist you will find it easier, but you need to put in the hours. The trick here is that not all girls want to work that many hours, because you are not only going on but you are also expected to entertain your room in order to get tips and that’s the hard part. But because most won’t do 80-100 h EVERY MONTH, if you are willing to try you will most likely will reach some success. The very top camgirls make A LOT more. There was some MFC information leak a few years ago and the TOP one in a calendar year reached a bit over $900,000 and NO it was not me haha. The model does not cam anymore. I have never seen any camgirls make over that so the articles about this camgirl makes a million a year are bullshit)

3. If you want to be a top camgirl you have to go to Adult Porn Conventions and get your name out there

My question is why? Aside from the cost of travel and time to get there, conventions have very little traffic in comparison to what traffic you get on MFC just going on regularly. It may also not be the right kind of traffic in conventions because not all are interested in cam sites and not everyone will notice you.

So let’s talk numbers. In a well organized convention, they may be getting 10,000 people to buy tickets (highly overestimating) for an entire weekend. This is the total people that buy tickets for that event. You being a camgirl sitting at a booth are not likely to get noticed much.

Now let’s compare with MFC. Below are the stats for a random month for visitors for my room only. A few things to keep in mind:

-I cam around 4h a night, if I cammed more it would be a lot higher – I’m limited in traffic because most of the time I am fully clothed. – There are rooms that are a lot bigger than mine -The days when I had less than 1000 unique room visits I was not online. So one would think the best way to get exposure is to go online more which costs you nothing in travel and planning is not as demanding as going to a convention.

The more you are on the more people see you!mfc traffic

Safety!!! Remember when some assholes like to harass women that work in the adult industry. By going out in public you are increasing your chances of meeting one of these assholes and being followed outside of the expo. Most of the time it’s harmless but personally if I could avoid it I would.

But I want to go and meet other models to do shows together. OK fair enough! This is a good point and if you meet the right model that works well with you as a team you can get something good out of it. However also know that girl/girl shows are overdone on MFC. Most of the time they don’t make enough to cover for your transportation there and back and your missed time on cam that you needed to travel there. You may also run into the risk of trusting the wrong camgirl with your info. In an industry where not every model treats it as a true business and where safety is very important this is a risk. However without risk there are no returns, just make sure you think smart and don’t risk more than you can afford to lose. Ever heard of the saying “don’t mix business with pleasure”? You may enjoy the party atmosphere that comes with conventions and it’s good to meet people in the same industry especially since we all deal with some isolation, however keep in mind not every camgirl has your best interest, especially if later on you reach more success than them.

4. You need to spend a shit load of money on your shows to make them interesting and be a top girl

No, all you need is a computer, a decent internet that supports at least 1 mb Upload (although I have cammed with as bad as 0.6 mb), your regular clothes that you wear every day, a brain to interact with your viewers and a work ethic. Ohh and a webcam that preferably is not built in to your laptop. Most people have all these things.

If you are spending more than you are making as a camgirl your business has a problem. Most businesses require huge capital to make any money and they may not even make anything but in ours you only need the things I mentioned above.

However there are prices to pay for us too but they are not monetary in nature:

  • you have to limit or give up your social life. Most of the revenue is done on weekends or nights when people are off work. You have to learn to cancel plans and give camming priority when most of your friends are out having fun.
  • you have to deal with stigma from close minded people, which can lead you to isolation and depression. It will be hard to make friends and be open about what you do because most of them won’t get it.
  • you have to be careful who you tell about your job, because if you value your privacy it takes one person for you to lose it.
  • you are closing doors for future careers and if you don’t make the most of your camming life you are left very behind in comparison to people the same age as you. Even if you went to university and had a degree your peers had a chance to advance their careers and you did not.
  • and even if you make the most out of it and made a lot of money, a lot of financial institutions may have an issue with it because they consider it a high risk business despite it being a 100% legal. Yes ironic how banks are the moral police. Be prepared for this and plan your retirement carefully.

5. Guys are all losers and it’s their fault you did not make your goal

This has been the general perception that I have seen discussed in some popular camgirl forums. It’s never the model’s fault, even though she tried to be on for maybe 15 min after not going on for three weeks, started at her yuge (sorry huge) phone and no guy wanted to tip or chat with her. How can they not? She always get’s hit on at the club by guys! They always whistle at her on the streets and every guy wants to be with her.  Sorry girls but it’s not the member’s job to pay your bills or their job to keep your room chat flowing. “Dead room syndrome” happens all the time (yes even to popular girls) but you have to just roll with it and keep trying until something works. Being an entitled brat only gets you so far, and is let’s just say seasonal just like those pumpkin spiced lattes are.

6. “You need to look like a REAL model to be successful, with yuge boobs and ass and big lips and be skinny too”

Ok, what the fuck is a REAL model? I guess they are referring to women that get breast, ass, face implants/fillers. If those things make you happy and give you more confidence have them done, however you do not need them in this industry. But if you have all those and have no confidence you will likely not last long or make much money.  If you take a look at the top girls that have consistent ranks almost all of them look closer to the girl next door than the “REAL model” type. It’s pretty easy to let this industry affect your self esteem, however looks are a really small part of what you need. I had my own times where insecurities took over as well. I would freak out when I would see small stretch marks on my legs and thought I had a fat tummy some days on cam. I was only 115 lbs and I was worried. Now at almost 140 lbs and with a lot more marks than I ever thought I would have in my life at my 115 lb stage, I am lucky if I just walk 10 min without felling like I am going to faint and lose my balance. When this change happened I thought my career was over and I didn’t want any of my fans to see me like that because I was afraid they would all leave and never come back. I had no choice but to make peace with it and when I did I enjoyed camming so much more. No one left as far as I know. And today I look back at my old self and think what the hell was I thinking being so worried about little stupid things. The most important thing is that you like and feel comfortable with yourself, the rest doesn’t matter.


  1. Gene Coderre says:

    Kick, I agree completely with evefy word! Camming is a personality game not a physical perfection game. As in regular everyday life if you are a boor, a bitch or a brood then no one will want to hang with you.
    Tokens/tips are earned. Nudity and general sluttiness does not guarentee that the money will roll in. A model is not enlitled to tokens/tips just as a waiter(ess), bartender or any other service industry worker is not entitled.
    There is no easy money in this life but there are easier ways to earn it.
    Easy or not, work is work and if you are your own boss then you write your own checks.
    So, how much would you like to make?
    Well then go make it!

  2. slomvr says:

    I always look forward to your postings, you not only offer insight to those of us not in the industry but Sage advice to your peers that seem too free with their complaints.

    I have not been able to hit your room much the past few months and I miss it you work very hard to entertain and make us all feel like we are there in the room with you.

  3. Jack Stevens says:

    Love you girl! I’m glad to see you faired ok in the earthquakes too. You are a very tastefull and classy lady.

  4. John Fox or Mixedupveteran says:

    You are amazing. Another smart, insightful, plain common sense blog. You are the best thing that could happen to anyone who happens on your room. I wish I could be with you more often, and that I could offer more, but it is what it is. Keep up the good work and keep healthy.

  5. Personality will make or break a room. There is not a girl that is pretty enough to make me tolerate her shitty personality. i like flirty girls, I don’t like slutty girls.I also have no tolerance for obnoxious people. Kicky, you are a smart beautiful woman that has class and takes pride in what you do. You have self respect and like to have fun. You have taken a porn platform and made your room into a traditional geisha house. I just wrote a response to your last post that sums up what I think about what you do and how you do it.

  6. Fred says:

    KIck – you hit the nail on the head. Camming is work, and as in any job you have to work at it to be successful. Personality does count for a lot. Look at the girl whose twitter handle is DiamondsMJxoxo. I’ve never seen her take her clothes off but she certainly makes a lot of money on how she interacts with the people in her room.

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