Traffic and the top!

web-trafficAs you are probably aware the traffic in the last few years has slowly decreased on myfreecams. This fact has been confirmed to me by both top and not so top models, so everyone is feeling the effect.
I can understand MFC may not be able to control all aspects of this decrease however there are some things that they can do better in order to retain more new quality traffic.
I have seen very little promotion given to the top consistent girls, that have proven a track record that they are able to, in fact, generate tokens and convert new paying members to the site
I am not saying MFC should promote only the top girls, nor am I saying the rest don’t matter. I have seen many girls with talent that don’t make it in the business. People don’t tip them for some reason or another. It’s a combination of many things. However if you as a viewer, like these girls and want to see them succeed the best way is to just tip them more.
I  also often try to help new people by giving free advice on my blog. I am happy to see new models succeed on MFC, especially the ones that show a high amount of dedication and passion. However this post is not about discussing why some girls don’t make it or we would be here for ages.
I posted a list of the top 8 most consistent girls from Jan 2017- April 2018. If you look at the list there are many more down the list that have shown remarkable results so the list goes beyond 8 people. You can go and look at the Miss MFC finishes yourself. I picked 8 to illustrate a point.
The lack of promotion for the top performers is contributing to the following factors:
1. It is slowly decreasing their passion and incentive to do better on the site due to lack of not recognizing their contribution, especially during a hard time when we are all suffering from lowered traffic. A business without passion and incentive is destined to die. 
2. It is not optimizing the best overall profit for the site. By promoting models that are not likely to be online very often and that may not always give the best level of entertainment and completely leaving the top ones out, new people that stumble upon the site may think it’s not worth checking out any further.
I am not saying whoever MFC promotes right now is a bad model, however by leaving their top ones out they are hurting both traffic and profitability for ALL MODELS!
All those girls in that list have an “IT” factor (remember I only included the top 8, but the list is longer). They all are different but they share one thing in common: “people want to tip them”. In a site that relies solely on revenue generated by tips, aren’t these the people that MFC should be pushing forward and not forget them when it comes to their outside of site promotion. (social media, publications, any media)
The more people have a general first good impression of the site, more people will decide to stay longer and check out different girls. Sometimes this includes girls that are not always at the top. But by not promoting the girls at the top, the good first impressions are hard to make and this is why.
CASE 1: So let’s see a new guy goes into a  top room from an ad on the internet. Full of people talking tipping. He thinks, well maybe that ad I saw on Pornhub wasn’t just bots. These are real people. This is fun! I may check this back sometimes when I have more time. He comes back. This scenario repeats itself and one guy becomes two guys, then 50 then 100 then a million new guys. (wouldn’t that be nice!) . Some of these guys after a while realize they are bored with the top rooms and they look below. This creates opportunity for new girls to make it to the top.
RESULT= good first impression + more repeat traffic + ALL models profit. 
CASE 2: Guy gets an ad on Pornhub or anywhere on the internet of a room that is not at the top. I will ask you to go and look on MFC and compare the level of interaction in the two rooms. It makes a difference! Now the general lack of traffic that is now a problem which we are all having gives the lower model less tools to create a fun atmosphere. Sure some models are boring as hell and the have slim chances of making it, especially if they don’t change their ways, and put their phones away.
However there is still talent at the bottom and the lack of traffic is likely to kill them first. The girl is upset, she tried so hard to put a good show, no one tipped (less traffic= less tippers). The new guy looks at her all upset and annoyed (do you blame her? ), he thinks; “well this looks boring, this girl looks miserable, I am not coming back here”
RESULT= bad first impression +less repeat traffic + LESS profit for ALL models

Ever heard of the saying: A rising tide lifts all boats“. Don’t be upset when the top models are doing well. This is a good indicator that there is traffic on the site. There are tippers on the site and YOU can get some of those tippers and traffic, maybe they can become the next big model as well.

The problem is when the top models are not doing so well. That will reduce the number of good first impressions of new people to the site and WE WILL ALL SUFFER! The lower models much more than the top ones. And the new talent much more than the existing one. 
If this continues for too long the site will just stop existing because it will stop being profitable. 


  1. Zed_Vee says:

    Your analysis is spot-on. MFC seems to be doing nothing but promoting itself. Yes, they are a brand, but they only exits because of the brands they market. Would Macy’s be successful without the brands they cultivate and carry? Anyone can get generic T&A on any number of sites on the internet. This is exactly why MFC has limited itself to (mostly) under 40 women, no B/G, and no men. They concentrate what they believe to be the best market segment for them, so they should promote the top brands. Doing so draws in customers that discover and want other brands. Marketing 101…

  2. steveax says:

    Agreed, but I also think mfc needs to adapt to other areas, b/g, men, etc…

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