About Me


I am Kickaz, but you can call me Kicka or Kick. I am an artist at heart and a retired scientist. Weird how those two go together.  I work on a site called myfreecams which allows me to broadcast my cam with the world wide web. Here I can share my passions, my individuality and the sensuality of the female form.  Along the way I have met a lot of amazing people, who have given me confidence and helped me become the person I am today.

I think camming is the best thing that happened to me, despite the social stigma that comes with it. I don’t feel like I am doing anything wrong and I am I certainly proud of my progress in this industry. It has made me feel more empowered than any other job I have had before.

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  1. Mike says:

    Nice words from a nice person. With a wonderful smile

  2. andy says:

    You are one of the happiest and nicest people I’ve met and it is a pleasure to see a part of your world.
    Kick for Pres (Miss MFC every time in my book)

  3. Bypass says:


  4. Sam says:

    You’re tons of fun to hang out with online, and those paint shows are infinitely interesting. Keep being the awesome person you are!

  5. David Horne says:

    I entered your blog site tonight, I hope, my email address starts with dave. You give me confidence in myself, missing for 14 years when it was ripped asunder. I love you and the great stuff that you do. Thanks

  6. EmailSaysItAll says:

    Classy, clever and sexy – the perfect tease, you’ll make a great friend too I bet.

  7. taterboy22 says:

    Simply adorable, so grateful we have crossed paths.

  8. badcase says:

    I love talking with you, u make it so much fun.

  9. newt says:

    hey kick! you are the best. thanx for helping through the tough times.

  10. I’m not a regular viewer, just an admirer. I’d noticed that you’d relocated to Mexico. I’ve considered repatriating there on and off for a number of years and come across many varied tips and warnings. Please share some impressions of your experience, recommendations and warnings.
    I’ll be severely grateful. I am curious about your choice of city, but I can understand if you feel the need to protect that, though I promise, I’m not likely to pursue you, unless I chance to recognize you on the street and offer to share coffee. I would also like to know about your former career as a scientist.
    You’re welcome to contact me by email rather than here.

    1. kyuss77 says:

      Mfc should fix their issues and send you an apology. If you got banned from mfc for just stating a technical issue with it, then i think that is unfair. I am sure you will do well on another camsite.

  11. kyuss77 says:

    MFC should not have kicked you off. You did nothing wrong, if you just stated about technical issues of the website.

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